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    I have not updated Hyperion since I've installed it on the Pi as I worried it will break something. And it's been working fine so didn't want to attract any more headache. Not sure which version I'm on, I can check when I'm home. I just ignore the update notification.

    YamiPrem did you find a solution? Im looking for either a capture card or splitter that will support 4k 60fps HDR pass thru but also not break the bank

    Y&H HDMI Video Game Capture Card...…?ref=ppx_pop_mob_ap_share


    HDMI Splitter 1x2 4K 60Hz 4:4:4...…?ref=ppx_pop_mob_ap_share

    I used splitter to split the signal to TV and the capture device. The capture device forwards on to the Pi. But I do remember later seeing I could have done it with one device. Basically same as linked capture card but a 4k HDR HDCP 2.2 version. Worked out a bit cheaper than having the two devices.


    Using WS2812Bs and everything working great but I have noticed that there are sometimes random flash of a bright colour now and then. Very rarely happens, like once every few hours of it being on, if that.

    Should I put a capacitor at the led power?


    I was wondering, does anyone use lights in other places too around the room, example like Phillips Hue bulbs that synchronize with the TV?

    I think it should not be difficult to do. Just need lots of long wires depending where you want to put but it will need to be correctly placed on the strip(s) for correct lighting colour.

    If anyone has done this, please share.

    That was the reason why I came up with the integration of the remote control. You have to find the best solution for you. :thumbup:

    I am trying different values in Signal Detection thanks to Lord Grey post. It seems it's working good now. It seems Signal Detection also solved the random LED turning on. But I will see if it returns...

    That sounds good.

    Trying to think how the programming will work if I do look into it. The first step is for Hyperion to know when to tell the relay to switch off. But I don't see any solution to how Hyperion will know we are finished watching TV. :/ Somehow I must tell Hyperion I am finished watching TV.

    Maybe can use the Signal Detection function. When I turn off TV, Signal Detection is activated and then the Pi tells Relay to turn off the relay switch. Then when I turn on TV, the opposite happens.

    Problem is, Signal Detection does not work well for me. It activates during watching TV....


    Sorry, my bad.

    1) Can you briefly explain to me how you manage your Pi, do you turn it off manually every time or you have some setup? Because I don't mind turning off the Pi when I turn off TV, but thinking what's an easy way.

    2) How will my own script look like? Somehow the relay will need to know when Hyperion is no longer needed. How will Hyperion know when it is no longer needed though. :/ Complicated.

    ok, I did studying and I understand the relay module is essentially a mechanical switch. That's neat.

    The NO and common is basically going in between the +5v line from power supply to LED where it will act as the switch.

    But I don't get the signal side. It is attaching to the Pi somehow? The Pi is always powered on so will it not always send current to Signal?

    Well. That's confusing! I will read up on how Relay Module work first.

    My LEDs are being powered by a power supply which is also powering the Pi.

    What's the problem to replace a resistor...? :/ Okay, the removing of TV from the wall... :D

    In most cases it will help, no voltage on the LED stripe = LEDs are dark! ;)

    I will try with relay module alone as I have one lying around then see if it helps. I need to read up on where it needs to go in circuit and how it's wired up.

    Will report back.

    With APA102 I had the problem that the afterglow or the last sent color information somehow "remembered" after shutting down the RPi. Then I put a relay module in front of the LEDs that is controlled by the RPi.

    Was this for all LEDs or some? I have problem only for a few and only within the first meter it seems.

    What does a relay do? And where did you put it exactly? I have a 100ohm resistor on the data connection from Pi to LED.


    Interesting to see. I am using 60 LEDs/meter and have 50% brightness and 4% backlight threshold because 1-3% don't do anything for me.

    Brightness compensation I did not touch as I don't understand it.

    Gamma for RGB I kept at 1.5 as it just affects brightness from what I see.

    Do you have a capture card with test screen problem at all?


    I am using a 4k splitter and a basic capture card (with loop). My LEDs are being powered by a 5V 20A power supply. I have noticed that when I turn off the instance on Hyperion, after a while some lights on LED strip would go on. See picture here. I think 3 LEDs near the start of strip are on:

    I can't figure out why. Is there some power leaking into the LEDs or is Hyperion sending rogue signals even though instance is off?

    Anyone experienced this?


    PS: The reason I turn off Instance is because of the capture card's rainbow test screen problem when HDMI source is off, a common problem it seems.