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    Hello all,

    It has been a long time since I have Hyperion, right now I'm using a hdmi-grapper and a raspberry pi.
    This works great.

    However i want to switch to an ESPN, to make room behind my tv.

    I have rooted my tv (LG), i have Hyperion.NG (deamon acces). and Piccap.
    Everything seem to work, right down in Piccap its show that it is connected.

    However i fail connect it to Hyperion. Any tips??

    The first code is donderdag!

    But how do i turn off sound? In terminal?

    Can you be a little bit more specific?

    Im kinda new and dont really understand what i should do. And where to do it

    I am restarting the whole proces.

    what is will do:

    1) flash sd with pi os.

    2) type the following code in config. as you told > dtparam=audio=off

    3) start pi, run update and upgrade command, then reboot
    4) download instal hyperion. reboot

    5) run the followin codes:

    sudo systemctl disable --now hyperiod@pi

    sudo systemctl enable --now hyperiond@root


    And thats as far is i go, lightning guy i need your help!! (im also dutch so maybe its easier to speak dutch or i can move thi topic to dutch forum)

    thank you in advance

    I had the same problem, i use the gpio pins for data. So i ran the following 2 codes in this order

    sudo systemctl disable --now hyperiod@pi

    sudo systemctl enable --now hyperiond@root

    then reboot.

    It worked for me, but im new aswell and my lights dont work correctly either...

    Maybe someone can ferivy what is just typed...

    Hello all,

    I recently got all the parts i need for the ambientlights. But somehow they dont work. I looked up a lot of turtorials, did as they told and yet no result. Let me summerize what i have and what i did.

    Raspberry pi 3b+

    WS2812 led strip

    USB 3. hdmi capture card

    and a powerfull enough powersupply


    1) installed raspbian
    * got the latest update ( sudo apt-get update)
    * got the upgrade ( sudo adpt- get upgrade)


    2) Download/instal hyberion.

    * i went to the hyberion release page
    * and downloaded Hyperion-2.0.0-alpha.9-Linux-armv7l.deb

    *then just installed it. Reboot

    3) Gpio activating

    * i ran the following 2 codes

    ( sudo systemctl disable --now hyperiod@pi)

    ( sudo systemctl enable --now hyperiond@root)


    4) hyperion setting

    * i went to te setting set up my ledhardware, as following:

    controller type: wsx281X
    Gpio number: 18 (also the one where i connected data to)

    * i also set the led-layout

    5) Then i went to capture hardware, Enabled usb capture
    At the setting section of usb capture:

    *set device to custom as (/dev/video0)

    5.5) at the effects page i activated boot effect collor as red for 5 seconds.


    When rebooting the pi the effect comes on stays for 5 seconds and turns either to another collor, to nothing or stays on.

    When clicking on the led vizualisation tap under live vieuw, i can see my ps4 screen. Also sometimes when i reboot, and the ps is still on, the live shows snowflakes. The live comes back again after restarting the ps4.

    And yet no ambienlights, it just doesnt work..

    (also i have tried different kind of settings under usb capture but this is the clossest i got)

    Can someone help me with this?

    First of all thank you for your fast reply.

    I did the following, unplugged everything(because of frustration) and plugged it back.

    The lights work, im not in the dark anymore.

    Only thing that i am not able to make work is the ambilight part. How do i know if the capturecard works and how do i make sure hyperion can find it?

    Hello there,

    I got the idea to build myself some abientlights using a raspberry pi.

    I follow a turtorial on the youtube, got all the parts and went on to execute it.

    Problem is the software side or gpio pin side

    What i did is:

    1) i installed rasbian and god the update/upgrades.

    2) i installed hyperion, by download and installing it.

    3) i went to hyperion(ipadres webbrowser) and followed allong the turtorial.

    For the gpio pin, i took the middle cable of the led lights and connected it to gpio18.

    (when in hyperion, the led lightswitch goes back off when i leave the page.)

    Hope someone can help me! :S