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    Hi, I'm just in the process of installing WS2812B strips to my TV with Hyperion and have purchased a simple cheap HDMI capture card (with loop out) on AliExpress that supports 4k60. I planned to used this splitter with the outpout from my Odroid N2+ Kodi installation. However, after installation i see that the capture card doesn't support HDR passthrough or HDMI CEC. Can someone point to me to a device that I can use to preserve HDMI CEC and HDR on my TV? My Odroid N2+ with kodi has both HDMI and composite video output. Could i get a composite video to HDMI splitter to and then use this output into my HDMI capture card? I wasn't sure whether this would be possible since the Odroid N2+ might not be able to output to both HDMI and composite video simultaneously.

    If this won't work, can someone point me to a HDMI splitter that preserves HDMI CEC and HDR support? TIA

    Thanks so much. I have a raspi 3b lying around so I might use this. I was only looking to use raspi 4 since I'm also running Kodi which is a little more processor intensive. I might end up getting a nvidea shield too in which case I prbly have to get a video capture box to connect the raspi if I want to run the ambilight.

    I'll give the soldering a go, never tried it before but it sounds like it's going to produce much better results

    Thanks Mike72 and Lightning-guy77 for the links. Just to check I've got my shopping list correct for DiY ambilight used only for Kodi, I will buy

    - RPi 4

    - APA 102 5m strip X 2 (no need for RandA since these plug into RPi)

    - Meanwell LRS 5v 100w power supply

    - solder less corner connectors

    Does this seem about right or am I missing something?

    I'm very new so not sure which LEDs to get either. A friend of mine who has completed a smaller project for his monitor told me to get ws2812b since he reckons 3 wire strips are easier. Yet the forum on this website suggests 4 wire strips like the apa102.

    Also where do i get a 5v 20A power supply? I'm in Australia and plan to buy on aliexpress but can't find anything over 10A

    Thanks again for your help

    Hi, newbie here that is intending to make a DIY ambilight for my 85 inch tv. The perimeter is about 6.2m so I plan to buy 2 X 5m LED strips with 60LEDs per metre. I estimate this might draw about 15A power, what is the easiest way to power such a long strip? I read something on the forum about someone feeding power into each of the 4 corners of the TV and using a distribution block but this sounds quite complicated. Is there an easier way to power a long LED strip? Thanks in advance