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    Update for Lightning-guy77 and Paulchen-Panther :

    After replacing the USB capture hub, I performed all the above steps and a few prayers but the screen cap is still only capturing my laptop, not the TV. I ran the dmesg -c logs again ...picture is below. It looked like the firmware version was the issue but when it tried to update both hdmi2usb-fx2-firmware and fxload it said firmware up to date.

    As always, your insights and shared frustration is appreciated.

    As always, I appreciate the help Lightning-guy77 and Paulchen-Panther. Without your help I would be blind.

    I followed the above instructions and was still not able to get the usb screen capture to work. I have ordered another usb capture hub to eliminate the hub as a failure point.

    Below are the device and kernel logs...

    Thanks Paulchen-Panther for your quick response

    I attached a picture of the kernel log. I wasn't seeing it being recognized as "Isusb".

    I checked on the Hyperion UI and no image was being displayed when I clicked on the LED Visualization Icon. Lights were not performing either. I attached the debug log as well if that helps.

    Hyperion Log_10_9_21.txt

    Yes. I just replaced it but I bought the same model: Raspberry Pi 3 Model B+ Board (3B+)

    By USB hub, do you mean a USB screen capture device? If so, yes.

    If you are talking about a "normal" hub, no. The Pi plugs directly into the USB screen capture device.

    Paulchen-Panther - Thanks for responding so quickly...

    I am running the current version - confirmed from the Hyperion UI.

    Your version: 2.0.0-alpha.10

    Attached is the log file posted earlier this week (no changes)

    Your help/thoughts are appreciated!


    The grabber seems to want to pull from my computer desktop as opposed to the pi/TV. I've switched priorities around and ports to try and make sure everything's on the same channel but no luck. Any thoughts would be appreciated.

    Hyperion Log_10_5_21.txt

    UPDATE: Lightning-guy77

    I decided while I was replacing all the hardware, might as well replace the PI too. Just came in the mail so we plugged it in and no glitches on boot (yay)!

    However despite doing what you recommended for this issue, I still seem to have an issue with the grabber... logs are attached.

    stick the grabber in the USB port AFTER Hyperion has booted into WebUI menu, and activate/save

    The grabber seems to want to pull from my computer desktop as opposed to the pi/TV. I've switched priorities around and ports to try and make sure everything's on the same channel but no luck. Any thoughts would be appreciated.

    Hyperion Log_10_5_21.txt

    Appreciate your quick response Lightning-guy77!!

    So the GPIO 18 pin seems to be the one sending it into a glitch with that "VIDIOC_STREAMOFF error code 19, No such device" Error

    I tried to take screenshots of the different states.

    1. Booting up to WebUI no grabber enabled and no GPIO18 plugged in. (HyperionLog_B4 GPIO18_USB.txt)

    2. Plugging in USB --> activating /saving grabber settings (HyperionLog_USB_only.txt)

    3. Plugging in GPIO18 (HyperionLog_BOTH_GPIO18_USB.txt) --> Lights come on with rainbow effect. As soon as the lights come on, the WebUI becomes unavailable.

    HyperionLog_B4 GPIO18_USB.txt



    Thanks Lightning-guy77

    Your suggestions above got (what I thought) was very close!

    Everything seemed to be working as it should except for the lights themselves. I decided while I'm eliminating possibilities, I might as well replace the lights and the power supply. So I had been waiting patiently on shipping for the past week.

    I reconfigured the lights, gave everything power and the lights booted to their rainbow effect. Before the Hyperbian CLI can begin it's startup process and prompt login, it starts physically glitching in a loop... I unplugged GPIO18 to access HyperionUI so I could paste the logs here.

    (Current Log attached in the next post)

    Attached is the most recent log.

    021-09-18T03:42:50.273Z [hyperiond V4L2] (ERROR) Throws error nr: VIDIOC_DQBUF error code 19, No such device

    2021-09-18T03:42:50.273Z [hyperiond V4L2] (ERROR) VIDIOC_STREAMOFF error code 19, No such device

    Thanks @Lightning-guy77 for your response.

    You're right on the SD card corruption.. didn't think of that when I was installing on top of the old. I was using balena etcher but this time did a clean install on a new SD card. I used a rasbian VM and installed Hyperbian using the rasbian imager.

    Upon powering it up and logging into the CLI, I noticed no lights came on but hyperion showed it was running. I did the systemctl enable/disable cmd and rebooted. No lights and now Hyperion's status was "stopped". I tried to look at the status of all the individual services to attempt to start it manually (my own knowledge only takes me to example: "sudo service httpd start/stop") but I figured google would help fill in the did not. The services show up as "masked" and unable to be manually started.

    I also have a low voltage alert on the pi UI. This is despite my power supply being 5V 10W (recommended by multiple videos as being sufficient for a 273 light strip). I tested power to my lights and they don't seem to be receptive so I am replacing both power supply and light strip in an effort to eliminate the obvious.

    Question: you mentioned if the PI is turned off with a switch while running it could cause corruption... how do you recommend me rebooting it? I've always power cycled by unplugging.

    In the following post is my most recent log. Hopefully you can find something in there that I might have missed. Any ideas would be much appreciated :)

    Lightning-guy77 - Thanks for your response...

    I have done the 2) sudo commands without results. I am attaching a copy of the latest debug log as I have been trying everything that I can think of - and probably making more of a mess...

    My thinking is that it is a port conflict as noted at the bottom of the file where it says "Failed to bind.." What ports should I be using?

    I noticed that the issue had again been marked "Resolved" - unfortunately it is not. Perhaps this is due to a lack of activity on this thread. Is there another way to keep it active until resolved?

    But the main question is that I have been unable to get it to work - am I missing something or is my question poorly worded? I am at a loss to get Hyperion running again.

    Checking back in on this issue, I noticed that my thread got marked "Resolved". I am still experiencing the problem and wondering if anyone has thoughts/ideas on how to solve the problem described above. Thank you Lord-Grey for your response earlier this month - I implemented both of your comments to no avail.

    As an update, I have done the following in a futile attempt to get it to work...

    Installed from GitHub at…ob/master/ following their instructions.

    Rebooted the pi and I noticed it wasn't booting in root so I ran:

    sudo systemctl disable --now hyperiond@pi

    sudo systemctl enable --now hyperiond@root

    After that, I rebooted and enabled Image capture USB through the webUI. I'm able to get an image...sometimes just static...on the webUI. The UI also reports the LEDs are working but no physical LEDs are lit.

    I also looked at the forum post LOOP capturing devices purchased from Amazon or Ali Express >> how to set up in Hyperion.NG? problem of re-apearing all the time in remote section/drivers, Only Raspi NOT Windows pc by Lightning-guy77 and followed those instructions.

    Any thoughts ?

    Thanks for the response...

    Tried the systemctl enable --now hyperion @root and re-booted. Upon reboot hyperion is reporting that it is disabled in the cli.

    I can still reach it using the web browser but no LED lights...

    I found this thread that seemed to hit my problems -

    WS281x Issue in Alpha 10 version. I get brief moments where the screen capture is working but then the logs show that priority changes from 240 to 255 and screen capture stops. Moments later it goes back to 240 and the capture resumes - only to repeat itself.

    I am hitting a wall on this... code attached below, sorry for the length but it shows the constant repeating.

    New User here... Installed Hyperion on a RPi3 about 4 months ago using DrZzzs video and my LED TV amblight was working wonderfully – I was filled with undeserved self-satisfaction and my wife thought at long last I was a genius (or smart, or less of an idiot). A few weeks ago, the LEDs would not shutdown when the TV was turned off and the effects would revert to the Background Effect showing that Hyperion was “idle”. At first I was able to turn it off manually through Home Assistant but eventually that did not work. Since this was always right before bed, the nuclear option appealed to me - I pulled the plug to the power supply – waiving the plug towards the Pi just to show dominance. Overnight, the idle effects would sometimes come back on – taunting me.

    I got mad, called it names and changed control switches. I performed the required ritual sacrifices… I then decided to reflash with the same Hyperion-9 software and start from scratch. Now, the USB image capture software seems to be doing its job, the hyperion WebUI says everything set up nicely on there, I did the systemctl --now enable/disable hyperiond (a few times) and the LEDs don't seem to be responding. Network wise- everything seems to be on the consistent ports I had previous.

    Being a newbie, Log reading is weak – at best… but it seems to show that the LEDs are disabled

    (ERROR) Device disabled, device 'ws281x' signals error: 'Failed to open. Error message: mmap() failed'

    and ports are not working correctly –

    (INFO) Connecting to Hyperion:

    (INFO) Started on port 19400

    (ERROR) Failed to bind port 19445

    and a Code 19 error...

    Anyone have any ideas?