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    Hey all,

    I have built some very basic Adalight Setup, but I liked the effect so much that I plan to go further and go with Hyperion.

    As for now I'm using Arduino Uno and WS2813 strip with 98 LEDs. Works brilliant with when connected to my PC, but there's noticeable lag even with 30FPS signal.

    I would like to make full use of 4K 120 signal, so I would need something much stronger.

    So questions are:

    - is there RPi version that would be able to drive LEDs with 120Hz signal?

    - what density strip would you recommend? I'm using 77 inches TV and it's around 600 cm in perimeter. That would make 180 LEDs total with density of 30 per meter or 360 LEDs with density of 60 per meter. Would 360 be too much to drive? I'm thinking of WS2815.

    - is it possible to use Hyperion with both my PC (with screen grabber installed) and Nvidia Shield (also with screen grabber installed) and use them both? Not at the same time of course, but is switching possible without physically switching the cable?

    Wish you all a good day!

    The LEDS are controlled with an arduino nano which is connected to my PC.

    I couldn't use RPi because there is (to my knowledge) no possibility to work with 4k-120Hz

    I only use the TV as an secondary PC monitor so I opted to use the Windows grabber.


    I have very similar setup - LG 77CX and Arduino Uno. Thing is that it does not even keep up with 60Hz signal, not to mention 120Hz. I mean that there's visible lag with fast moving objects and I only use 100 LEDs. Is Arduino Nano any faster? When I checked wikipedia, both are 16MHz.