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    Hey all,

    WS2812 on GPIO 18 Pi 3

    Checking on my V9 instance of HyperBian, seen an upgrade mentioned. Sadly no way to upgrade though the UI so decided to start again (with screenshots taken of the settings) with the new version V10 (after a promises of easier usability in the release notes)

    Now my lights don't work at all. All settings the same, and nothing. Do have this in the logs;

    Device disabled, device 'ws281x' signals error: 'Failed to open. Error message: mmap() failed'

    Looking around and seeing something about running in root? Very confused about this, Im using the HyperBian image (2021-07-18-HyperBian-lite) I guess the latest.

    If you're going to release an image that can be directly flashed with SSH not enabled (with the "user friendly setup" connotation that implies), why would you not have all this configured to run correctly?

    Looking a bit more there is a pull request for a script to be added to HyperBian.

    I just have no idea why;

    A) the download is still up or, maybe more importantly.

    B) this info is not front and center on the HyperBian project page.

    How are casual users meant to understand what the hell is going on if the devs are not sharing the info

    Now to pull everything apart again and downgrade to v9

    Apologies for this being a little rant-y, but common guys, give me the rights, ill update the bloody page.

    Oh FFS, I cant even downgrade be cause the only have the latest release :(

    Update your doco, it only takes a min to do and saves a lot of frustration for people using your product.