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    Do you just mean trying a different hdmi cable? There's 2 3.5 mm audio ports on this device. One has a mic (for input I assume) and one has a headphone (for output). The issue is when no headphones are plugged in the audio doesn't seem to going to the HDMI Ouput.

    Hi I'm pretty new to LED lights and I just wanted to get some confirmation I'm not going to start a fire. I'm trying to set this up using the recommended method online of powering the led lights with spliced micro usb cable and the led lights to the same power adaptor. If I have a 5V 5m strip of 300 lights (60/meter) Hyperion tells me this needs 19..8 Amps. From my understanding this would only draw that much current if all the lights were on full brightness white.

    My power supply is currently 5V 10amps 50W, Since the Pi 0W is plugged in to the same supply and maybe draws ~1 Amp. If I tell Hyperion to set the brightness to 40% does this seem like it will be ok (since .4 * 19.8 = 7.9). And I assume this brightness cap will apply to the video capture feed and the raw effects as well?

    By this logic If I end up buy a slightly higher wattage power supply (75W) then I could up the brightness to around 60% right? Is this ok or should I stick with a 30LEDs/meter strip? Thanks for any advice.