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    Ok, I understand. I have gone through and checked the hardware again. I made sure every connection is valid.

    I can't find anything on the os itself. I tried a bunch of stuff but nothing worked.

    I did however get an "improvement" somehow. I noticed that only the first 6 LEDs turn on. But not reliably. They show seemingly random colors and turn on and off at their own will.

    Rarely 1 or 2 different LEDs blink for a split second. I have to guess they are around LED 28..

    I have also noticed only once on a reboot of the Pi that all LEDs kind of tried to turn on. For half a second they where all in red, green and blue at the same time but the light didnt mix to white so it looked really wierd. Maybe my eyes tricked me but that shows that they indeed do work and my hardware/software setup was at least correct once.

    They only "work" with usb capture. If I disable usb capture and play any effect nothing happens...

    I suspect the there is a problem with adressing the LEDs. I would like to try an older version to see if this changes anything.

    I uninstalled hyperion again and tried to install it with this command:

    sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install hyperion=2.0.13
    E: Version '2.0.13' for 'hyperion' was not found

    What would be the correct command to install a previous version?

    Thanks for your help!

    Hello :)

    I wanted to update my hyperion software. I flashed a new sd-card with raspbian and installed hyperion on it. So far so good.

    I didn't change hardware.

    My LED strip will not light up anymore with one exception:

    For some reason the 6-8th LEDs sometimes flash in random colors. Couldn't find a pattern here.

    I have tried multiple things without really knowing what I am doing. Changing stuff in the web-interface, reinstalling everything again, switching random stuff on and off, etc...

    I even tripple checked the hardware but everything seems fine.

    I allways end up with this error message:

    2023-03-31T14:52:41.520Z [DAEMON] (ERROR) Lock/unlock handler- Session bus is not connected

    What does this mean? I searched the forum and google but couldn't find anything helpful. How can I fix this?


    Thanks for your quick answer. I got very overwhelmed looking at the log and I didn't see it at the time.

    I executed sudo updateHyperionUser -u root. It seems to have worked.. kinda.

    Only the first LED is on. I tried to search for other posts in the forum but for some reason everything I searched for give no search results?!

    I looked in the logs. There was nothing labled (error).

    Would you mind sharing a link to a post where this is discussed or tell me what I can do to solve this?


    nvm. I works now. Had to switch the LED-Hardware off and on again in the dashboard.

    Hello everybody!

    I have some trouble getting my LEDs to turn on.

    I am using the latest firmware (downloaded today).

    I am running a Pi3B+ with an USB CaptureCard and WS2812b LED-Strip. In total I've got 134 LEDs.

    I have a 5V 12A PSU. I messured the Voltage on the LED-Strip and my cheap mulitmeter says it is 5.15V.

    The pi an the LEDs share the PSU so they have a common GND.

    My Hyperbian protocoll looks like this: Go to pastebin

    I have changed the GPIO-Pin number in the settings several times and tried different pins. So I am pretty sure it's not an issue of having the wrong pin wired up. The video capturing works fine as well as I can view the live feed in the web configuration. I double check the postion of the first LED and swapped the direction without any success.

    Unfortunatly I don't know how to test if the LEDs are working properly. In theory I could test it with an arduino (I guess?) but I lack a lot of knowledge in that space. (But they are newly bought).

    I really hope some of you can help me get this running!

    Greetings :)