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    this thread is fantastic. I'm reading the problem that @prth was suggesting about where a camera could be located and what camera to choose and I read the response by dinvlad about using a fisheye lens with a camera to get something that might sit below a TV to get a very-short throw kind of image capture. I'm curious if the recommendation about picam+fisheye? Is this still the best way to get this to work smoothly?

    I have planned to throw a camera behind the soundbar to look straight up, front-of-the-theatre style. I've got a 77" TV and about 18 inches of 12 inches of distsance I can give this camera. I've also seriously debated puttin something on top of the TV (govee style), but I'm not certain that will look particularly nice, especially if I'm throwing some PCB-exposed hardware at this. :)

    What cameras have you used successfully for this?

    And I know. Those wires. One project at a time.