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    Ok but on my previous splitter, pin 13 was not connected.

    Also it have change the resolution of my MiBox to 720p.

    If this one keep 4k and have pin 13 connected it's ok i will order it.

    Will it also send the sound correctly ?

    I have the TV connected directly with a Sony home cinéma 5.1 by audio digital.

    Thks for all informations

    Hi all,

    I'm just installed all but i have a problem, CEC no more working...

    My setup :

    MiBox, rpi zéro w, USB grabber RCA, splitter, apa102 LEDs

    Xiaomi MiBox -> Splitter (HDMI1 -> TV | HDMI 2 -> Capture card -> RPi)

    I'm searching for a HDMI splitter (1 input and 2 output). I need on the output 1 a résolution 4k, CEC and no particular needs on output 2.

    Which splitter i Can buy to replace mine which IS a cheap one ? (One available for delivery in France and not really expensive please)

    I Saw ezcoo sp12has but not available...

    Thanks for tour help.