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    I have installed hyperion to my RPi4 (with bullseye raspbianOS) I have no issue with my setup the effects are working perfectly.

    My question is, how can I use ambilight with kodi? When I try to use, there is no activity while on IPTV, but I can get some activity with kodi idle screen. Is there any kodi add-on to use?

    Any help will be good for me. Thanks in advance.


    Thank you for your quick reply. Actually, I think I don't have gnd issue. It is working well and both psu are common grounded.

    Black wires represents ground (GND) and both of them 5 volts (5 volt 10 amp for LED Strip; 5 volts 2.5 Amp. for RPi4 -Original PSU)

    If you think there is still a problem may i request a basic draw how to do that?

    Thank you for your understanding. I wasn't aware of here is not support that fork. however, I have various other applications on my RPi4, like node-red, HAP-Node-JS smart home, webmin etc. Therefore, I don't want to setup an operating system like application. Is there any version that I can use with Raspbian OS together with my other applications?

    If yes, I would like to apply with a tutorial.

    Best wishes! Thank you.

    Hello all,

    I have tried many other ways, but after many failed tries, I have decided to write here.

    I am using Raspberry Pi 4 (Raspbian OS Bullseye), and I want to have ambient light while I am watching IPTV over Kodi v19 (Matrix). I also use WS2812B LED Strip to obtain ambient light. HyperHDR is the application that I hope to work. I have tried this tutorial:…y-pi-tv-ambient-lighting/

    My setup has 2 different PSU.

    - 1 for RPi4

    - 1 for Ws2812B LED Strip.

    LED's ground was connected to RPi4 GND pin, near to GPIO 18.

    I have tried to use with Video Capture device. The ambient light has worked if Kodi doesn't play a video/iptv stream/youtube video.

    The option "Instance Screen Capture" made me think I could use the system without a video capture device. However, LEDs are not active when I watch tv over Kodi.

    Many people use HyperHDR or Hyperion here, and I believe too many people are pro about these issues. I need help, and I am unsure what I should provide here to get help.

    Thanks in advance; I have tried to explain my problem step by step. Please let me know if you need further information.

    Best wishes!