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    Hi, thanks for your answer

    I did read it, but I'm not using an external power supply. The only GND I have are strip's GND and Raspberry's GND, and they are connected. My strip is powered directly by the Raspberry pi 4, I have connected it that way :

    SK6812 strip
    Raspberry GPIO
    5VPIN 2 (5V)
    GNDPIN 9 (GND)

    Do I absolutely need an external power supply ? Could it be that the Pi4 doesn't provide enough current ?

    Have a great day

    Thanks for your answer, but I can't find where is the setting for RGB order. I only have these :


    I searched everywhere and can't find settings for RGB order, I'm sorry. Could you tell me how to change this ?

    Also, I am not sure if my wiring is correct. Here is a video of what my LEDs are doing :

    My ground should be shared, because it is taken directly on the Raspberry Pi. I have no other devices.

    They are flickering randomly like this, it has no link with the video signal. It is correctly powered with 5V, and I've set the DIN pin on pin 19 (GPIO 10). Is is correct ? Is the RGB order causing these flickering ?

    I don't see how to fix that myself so thanks a lot in advance for your help.

    Have a great day


    I've just set up Hyperion as well as my SK6812 strip on an SPI GPIO on my Raspberry Pi 4. I don't understand why and I've searched for hours, but Hyperion is not able to command my strip. They are just all plain white. The only thing that works is the led number. The number I set in Hyperion is correctly set on the strip, only this number is lighting up. But it's all plain white, and even when Hyperion tells me that a led is of another color, it is still white on the strip.

    I have no error appearing in the logs.

    Did I miss something ? I checked all docs again and can't find any solution.

    Could someone help me ? Thanks in advance for any answer


    I am planning to use my SK6812 strip with Hyperion on Raspberry Pi 4. I need to control them directly from the pi, my setup doesn't allow for an additionnal ESP32 currently. But I don't know in depth how Pi4 GPIO pins work and there is things I don't understand from the docs.

    What are the different ways for controlling SK6812 on Pi4 ? If I understood correctly, there is PWM and SPI but on Hyperion, in the controller type, I only have SK6812spi. I couldn't find how to do that with PWM. In hyperion I only have PWM for WS281x.

    Could someone help me to know on which GPIO pin and on which controller type I should set my hardware ?

    Thanks in advance for your help, have a great day

    Thanks for your answer.

    I would prefer to avoid using an external device to control my hyperion. Then I guess using GPIO is the only way. But that will require a different solution when I will move to my PC. Is there modules that can be plugged in a PCIe slot that gives pins with sufficient baud rates for SK6812 leds ?


    I am looking forward adding hyperion to my setup with a Raspberry Pi 4. I know most people control leds using the GPIO ports of the pi4. But that's not what I'm looking for. I plan on replacing the pi by a Debian server pc in a few weeks, and this doesn't have GPIO ports so USB is the only way. So I thought it should be better to go USB right away. I have 2 questions :

    - What is the best USB device for controlling my SK6812 light strips?

    - could it add significant delay?

    Thanks in advance for your help, have a great day


    I am hesitating between all those types of led strips and I can't decide myself. WS2812BECO has the non-negligeable advantage of being super cheap. More of a quarter of all others. That's a good point. I will need 4m for my TV and additionnal 4m for some lighting in the room. So the others can get pretty expensive (more than 70€ for the others while 10m of WS2812BECO is 24€)

    But SK6812 has better whites (and my led strip will also be used to light the room sometimes, so good whites is a nice point too) and APA102 are said to be faster.

    I'm lost. Which one would you choose and why ? Is it really worth it to triple my price ? What arguments could you bring ?

    Also do you have any other recommendations you could give ? If you have links with maybe offers that could soften those prices, I am interested.

    Have a great day.

    Thanks for your answer.

    I looked at APA102 leds and they are much more expensive than WS2812BECO or SK6812. What are the advantages of those 2 ? Also I didn't find if APA102 is RGB or RGBW. In what way is it better ?

    Subsidiary question : I alwos have a Wemos D1 Mini lying around that is not used, I plan to use it for simple lighting of the room (no hyperion), controller by the network by home assistant. Can it power any of those 3 types of led ? How much ?


    I am planning to begin my Hyperion journey with my TV. The goal is to have that controlled by a Raspberry Pi 4 (that I already have), that would capture all the HDMI signal with a splitter + capture device. I also plan to add a Home Assistant on this pi (I am already familial with) to add more controls for normal lighting. But I have multiple questions to be sure I am not doing anything wrong.

    I plan to buy these leds :…937460.0.0.705a2e0eNcvmkE , 4 meters are required for my TV. Questions :

    - Are they good ? Would you recommend them ?

    - Can the pi 4 deliver enough power for 4x60 of those leds ?

    Regarding HDMI capture :

    - What is the best device I should use for this ?

    - What should I be careful of when choosing those things ?

    - Could you recommend me some ?

    Regarding the pi 4 :

    - Will it be fast enough to deliver a fast signal to all those leds without to much desync with the image ? Could it lag sometimes ?

    - What if I add other services like Home Assistant that can be a bit heavy ?

    - If not, what are the alternative solutions ?

    - The pi will be always on and it's the room I sleep in. Noise is a problem, so I guess a fanless solution is better. Is there cases that would work well without the pi overheating ?

    Last questions :

    - Am I missing something ? Is there other things to buy or other advices you could give me for a better result ?

    - What are common mistakes ?

    Thanks in advance and have a great day. Thanks for any answer.