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    Are there any updates on this? Does it work with Netflix or Prime Video yet? I plan to use it on a Shield TV (rooted) with apps like Netflix, Prime Video, Plex, youtube, etc.

    Thanks... I don't actually have LEDs yet, when I get them I'll give it a shot.

    Hey, I just found this thread... I have a shield TV 2017, will this app work with it and give me a Hyperion capture while still allowing me to get 4k 60 HDR output? And how would I go about setting it up?

    Ahh right ok... Yeah I realised it capped at 30hz becuase it only supports hdmi 1.4...

    There must be cheaper scalers somewhere

    Hmm.. as I expected... What's minicap?

    Ideally this is what we would need... It's still pricey tho, but not as bad as the hdfury...
    It seems to be from the UK, so shipping costs would be high, unless you can find something from where you are from... It looks fairly unbranded so im pretty sure you should be able to find it under a different brand, maybe monoprice.


    Well assuming the 4k -> RCA gadget above actually works and is incompatible with 60hz, I'm wondering if that monoprice converter will allow the TV to run at 60hz while it converts the signal to 30hz for the adapter.

    i dont really think it will, but its worth a try as its so cheap...
    And i agree that converter is really expensive and isnt worth it... i would just go for dreamscreen or lightberry 4k

    Be that the case, we may be able to solve this with.... another converter! \facepalm

    This gadget will convert a HDCP 2.2 signal to 1.4 (which I believe runs 4k at 30hz), so that could be the missing link? At $17 the price isn't bad either.…amVxiJKQvxyxoCKqwQAvD_BwE

    it converts hdcp, im not too sure if it will convert 4k to 1080p tho...

    this and a splitter that will do 4k hdr should work... although very expensive.…r-4k60-444-600mhz-scaler/

    I'm inclined to feel like that won't make too huge of a difference when it gets to hyperion anyway - the default grabe interval for hyperion is 10fps, so if it can do 30 reliably that would probably be good. Hopefully the RCA converter doesn't mess with the frame rate of the TV connected to the splitter, but Murphy's law and all...

    i think it will make the tv only do 30fps too... thats how hdmi works with splitters...

    Well I decided to gamble on the equipment I listed... You are right about the RCA adapter, but it was the closest thing I could find that was reasonably priced, so we will see how it performs. Plus its from amazon so I'm not worried about sending it back if it doesn't work (the reviews don't exactly instill confidence).

    I'll be sure to share my experience as I fiddle around with this stuff.

    awesome... well if you only want/need to output 4k at 30fps or lower then it should do the job fine.

    Thanks... I just tested my reciever and same, it doesn't output anything...

    Those hdmi to RCA adapters look like they are 2160p/30hz and non HDR.

    And the splitter is good, but you would still need a downscaler, as plugging a 1080p device into that would limit everything to 1080p...

    If you are willing to spend lots of money (I'm not) then there is something from Hdfury that will do the job, I'm not sure what it's called tho.

    And there are other options that are £100+

    I'll be sure to report back here too! I get my usb grabber in the mail tomorrow (I ordered the wrong one, make sure to get a UTV007 - these things all look exactly the same and descriptions are usually lacking), I'm sure hoping it works as expected!

    i already had one laying around, but i dont think its utv007, it seems to work fairly well tho.

    Well the first option is hypothetical and certainly not something I'm advocating for (but I may consider that if my other option does not work).. It is confusing and as far as I know has never actually been done like that. It would also present a ton of other problem in the event it does miraculously work; such as netflix having DRM.

    I'm rolling the dice with the receiver monitor out. Based on a conversation I had with another user on another forum, he is using his monitor out on his amp for this purpose.. I'm hoping my onkyo (can't remember the model) will exhibit similar behavior.

    ahh ok...

    i just checked, and apparently my reciever does have monitor out, im not sure if it will send the hdmi signal over it, but ill have to give it a try.

    Maybe "solution" wasn't the right word - it is a theoretical solution. All the parts seem to be there, but the missing gap would be the adb minicap -> hyperion. I would wager one could pipe the minicap stream to a full-screen video player that can be parsed by hyperion's internal frame grabber, but I haven't seen this done anywhere yet.

    To my surprise my amp has a 'monitor out' which produces an RCA video signal, which can obviously be used with a usb grabber. If you are using an amp I recommend checking to see if you have one as it should give you a more immediate solution.

    The first option seems really confusing... If someone simplified it or made a guide then maybe I could try it.

    I do have an amp, but I don't think it has a monitor out... I don't think it has analogue inputs at all...

    And I thought that monitor out only works for the analogue inputs? It sends the analogue inputs directly to this monitor out becuase it can't upscale them to hdmi?

    Which reciever do you have?