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    Okay, but thank you very much anyway for your help!

    I just tested again and in my opinion it should be a software issue. As you can see in the video attached the led visualization in the web interface is flickering but the real leds seem fine when the colour that needs to be selected is clear (?).

    Streamable Video

    The problem with the flickering of the real LEDs seems to appear in areas that are not 100% clear colors. In the video you can see that the colour flickers between green and dark. Do i maybe have to change some settings for colours / limits? :/

    If I understand correctly you think that it could be a problem with the input signal right?

    But at the moment I do not have a capture device, hdmi splitter,... connected. To find the reason for the flickering I only connected the leds, the raspberry pi and the power supply. The signal for the leds comes from the hyperion web interface where I can start effects.

    The power supply supplies 5V, 12A. I'm only using 120 LEDs so this should be more than enough.

    The connections are all soldered. They do not look very professional but in my opinion the connection should be perfectly fine. :/

    I injected power directly from the power supply to the start AND the middle of the led stripe. The start and the end of the stripes are also connected (only + and ground).

    Isn't it strange that the flickering is shown in the LED visualization in the web interface? Could that be a sign that it is a software/setting issue and not a hardware issue?

    Hello Lightning-guy,

    thank your for your help but unfortunately this did not help :/

    I don't know where to use this syntax of your info in the web interface but I did try to insert the values by hand.

    The only thing I was not sure was the latch time. I did try 1 and 500000 (max. 1000 allowed by interface) but both did not work.

    If there are any other ideas I would be very grateful :)


    I have some problems regarding my ambilight setup and hope that you could help me :(

    My LEDs are flickering and I can't find a solution. I checked every connection and also did some support connections from the led (ground / +) to the power supply. I also reinstalled the latest version (2.0.14) using hyperbian and unplugged every part exept the power supply, leds and Raspberry Pi 4.

    If I start some effects using the Hyperion Web interface I still get the flickering which is also shown at the LED visualization interface.

    Do you have any idea how to fix my problem or at least how to find out if it is a hardware or software issue :?:

    I am using a raspberry pi 4, ws2801 LEDs and Hyperion 2.0.14.

    I just reinstalled hyperbian again because I thought it should be a software issue.

    The only thing I changed in the completely fresh setup is the LED control to ws2801, SPI Pfad to 0.0, LEDs to 120 and the LED Layout to my layout. Then I started a rainbow effect but I already had the same issue with the flickering in the LED visualization.

    (I also realised that the standard settings are a bit different then in my old layout - for example standard Baudrate is 100000 but in my old layout it was only 250000. Is there a guide what settings to chose?)