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    I had some leftover WS2815 strip from a WLED install and an under-utilized RPi3b.

    So I ordered a cheap HDMI to USB capture device, and I’m up and running already.

    My first test with WLED was too laggy, but with the WS2815 attached to a level shifter and PWM pin of the RPi3b it’s perfect. The lights are exactly in sync with the TV, like a mirror. I’d be happy with this.

    Which brings me to my question I have 2.88M of WS2815LED strip and I need 3.8M for the perimeter of my TV. Should I just buy more WS2815 strip since this is working?

    I know the recommended strips have a clock pin. I’m game, why is it better? More reliable?

    I also see people recommend the strips with a white LED. The TV is an RGB device without white, I wonder why a strip with white is better.

    I’m not at all worried about getting a different kind of strip wired and set-up, so if I should just order a different strip because it’s way better, I want to know.