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    I got my Raspberry Pi B+ model and APA102 lights working with a USB screen grabber, but have no idea how to set up HyperCon for the Windows screen grabber. Nor can I figure out how to set up the screen grabber itself.

    Are there any instructions? I can't figure out what any of the settings refer to, I don't know what ports I'm meant to be using, I've tried all the logical guesses but it's not working. Could really use a noob guide to help set it up.

    You basically need to enable proto port on Hyperion and point the software to it. Also give priority to proto over others in Hyperion.

    Hey, just wanted to say that this works great on my ultrawide monitor, color reproduction is great and low delay. I have one question, is there a reason why when Start Capture is enabled, Gsync does not work anymore? The second that I once again Disable Capture, gsync function as usual. Any insight would be great.

    not sure why that happens. unfortunately I don't have a Gsync monitor

    Replied on GitHub

    This issue is now fixed. Please download and install v2.6. Note that if "Check for Updates" option does not work, you will need to manually download the update from GitHub.

    This seems like a bug in the code; can you please open an issue on GitHub for this. I will investigate this.

    I think DX9 capture should still work fine.

    Best of luck - I have tried a ton of different devices and configurations (including the combo dave posted here) and none of it has worked for me. I honestly am at a loss because all the pieces are there and it still just doesnt work (cant get a signal to the pi at 4k even with 2 different scalers).

    Please be sure to share your results!

    I think you should buy "Dream Screen" from a startup which claims to do 4K and HDR. Otherwise one could also buy a ~$300 device that someone mentioned in this forum.

    Personally I am still sticking to the windows grabber plugin for Hyperion which works with 4K and HDR.

    Hi Dave

    Is there any confirmation that this splitter and downscaler combo that you have supports HDR?

    I haven't got any confirmations yet. But if you think about it, supporting HDR for Hyperion would probably mean to covert 10-bit color signal to 8-bit. It will also required the device to remove the HDR instructions from the main signal. I haven't seen any cheap device that would do this.

    Image scaling factor just mean by how much to divide the screen resolution. So if the image scaling factor is 32 and screen resolution is 1920x1080, then the image sent to Hyperion has the size 60x33. Ideally you would want to send an image close to 60x60. That should be fine for running the ambient lights.

    I'm still not able to find what is causing this issue. It would be great if you could help me debug it with Kodi.

    Hi, I was playing around with the config file settings last night to try & fix this - & I think it might be linked to the automatic capture on startup. I set that to false and then just double click the icon to start capture & it seems to work every time without shutting down.
    Hopefully that info will help you!

    Yup, that is indeed causing the issue. I think I have found a fix that I'll be adding to the next release. Issue is being tracked here:

    That shouldn't happen! Specially something which depends on refresh rate. Maybe I missed something with the shutdown code.

    Noted down here:

    Thanks for the log file. Unfortunately I not able to reproduce the issue for some reason. It was happening to me earlier though. Hopefully I can find the root cause.

    Thanks for the response.

    Understood, I'm thinking (read as: praying to all the gods) I might be able to make it work with my configuration. ARC Isn't a concern for me since my shieldtv provides all the functionality from the TV I would need ARC for. I did pick up this thing ( which I am hoping will solve any issues with the signal before it hits the convertor.. So hopefully all the pieces will fall into place for me!

    Great work with the windows screen grabber also! I would love to figure out something for android but it presents a lot of problems.

    Are you trying to do a real time grabbing of an Android screen?

    I ended up removing the grabber, splitter etc from my setup cause it did not work perfectly for me. I was unable to find any cheap solution that would work with HDR and hence I am using the Windows Screen Grabber ( that I am working on:…dows-screen-grabber.1018/ ) with my PC.

    The splitter I linked does support CEC and EDID management. The TV will also recognize it having ARC capability. However, ARC will not work. One thing that I learned while playing around with these things is that EDID management is that the splitter will never act as a signal convertor so if you connect two devices to it with different supported resolutions, one will not work.

    It should work using AVR

    thanks, i will take a look at the fix...
    i got hyperion runnign on win10 subsystem, im really new to linux, its working but i still need to work on the autosart... because of windows...

    i will get me a grabber in a few days, then i can test it better... without the hardware its hard to explain and test :D

    Yes, priority will work but the problem is that the USB grabber will show a no-signal available image (vertical lines) when you don't provide any input to it. Hence, the grabber will continue to be prioritized and windows grabber will never be consumed.

    Windows grabber uses the Proto port configuration in Hypercon

    Try this solution for fixing the UI:

    IP address should be of the RaspberryPi or any other machine which runs Hyperion service. I haven't used Ubuntu subsystem but if it's the same machine use the address or localhost.

    The grabber won't support USB grabber. That you can use with Hyperion directly provided that you have the required drivers.