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    First I want to say a big thanks to Awawa for providing his solution for HDR colors correction, it's easy to setup and works amazingly well :D

    I wanted to ask 2 questions, sorry if they have been asked a million time already, I couldn't find a clear answer;
    - My usb capture card does support 2K (while only capturing it in 1080p of course), but doesn't see the CEC commands for HDR on/off. Do you know any usb capture card that works with 2k60Hz and still gets the CEC data?
    - What automation app would you guys recommend for Android to easily send the HDR ON/OFF request to HyperHDR? Is Home Assistant a good solution?

    Thanks :)

    For my opinion the energy saving function could check If the grabber content is static for a certain, adjustable time period and then Hyperion switches off the lights. After receiving a HDMI Signal again, the lights should turn on again.

    True, that'd make a kind of Universal solution. No matter the image pattern.
    The issue is that the threshold and timing might make it a not very reactive solution. Because you'd need a timer long enough to avoid accidental triggers

    It already exists (hyperion android grabber) but sadly doesn't work with the DHCP protected content. So pretty much any streaming service.
    Works perfectly well with Kodi or youtube tho.
    And since Kodi can be used for some services, it's a nice alternative.

    I agree, it'd be very convenient.
    There is already a black border detection, I wonder if it'd be possible to do detection for some of the stripes of the rainbow, using the same concept.
    Too avoid using too much power it could be checked only once in a while.

    Hi guys!

    I've been using an Arduino uno + the first Adalight kit for a while now (yeah the old one with big led lights ;) ), it's working really well with my windows pc.
    I decided to make a DIY HDMI ambilight clone with it, so I got the usual HDMI splitter, HDMI2AV and the UTV007 capture card, along with the Rasberry pi Zero W.

    I installed Raspbian Lite, configured the wifi and all, then installed Hyperion with Hypercon, plugged everything, configured it, then rebooted it.
    But since then, I haven't been able to make the led work.
    The adruino and UTV007 are recognized perfectly in Raspbian when I search them in the /dev/ list and plug/unplug them, and are configured correctly in Hypercon.

    The lights are doing the usual starting color flashes when I restart Hyperion, but then they all stay off.
    I tried to manually change the light colors with the colorpicker and the android app, I have no error, but here too nothing works.
    I can see the RX led flashing on the Arduino Uno showing that it's obviously receiving some information.
    Also, when I try to take a grabber screenshot, hypercon crashes, until I manually reboot my raspberry.

    I searched a solution in this forum and others, and try so many things, but I just can't make it work...

    I you had an idea of why it's not working, and could help me with that, that would be really great :D

    Here is my hyperion json config file:
    and here is my hyperion log file:

    thanks ;)

    I finally got it working by changing the rate to 115200, and the delay by 3000 (got them in someone else json file), and now I can finally light it up with the colorpicker.
    But sadly the capture device still isn't working.

    I also tested the grabber on my PC with the UTV driver, and it works well too, but not with the pi0.
    I took it apart to check it, and it's a true UTV007.

    I finally found the problem! The powered usb hub I was using didn't give me enough power, but another one with more power worked perfectly!
    I will leave this message here just in case other people might have the same issue :D