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    I made some progress :
    - got my RPI running hyperion. It works fine. I can set any color I want through HyperCon.
    - find out there is a program called hyperion-x11 that is part of main hyperion repo (no doc about it on the web ?) that does the grab job on linux :

    ./bin/hyperion-x11 -a -f 20
        version   : master (GitHub-c8cc507/47d087a-1503849303
        build time: Sep 26 2017 00:08:29
    PROTOCONNECTION INFO: Connecting to Hyperion:
    X11GRABBER INFO: Update of screen resolution: [0x0] => [3440x1440]
    X11GRABBER INFO: Using XRender for grabbing
    PROTOCONNECTION INFO: Connected to Hyperion:

    Next step -> Windows 10 !

    Hello Guys,

    I'm very interested by this project, but I'm a total newbee. I have a question that I'm not able to solve, even going through this forum or the wiki. Your help is very welcomed.

    For my desktop computer, I have a dual boot system Windows 10 / Unbuntu 14.06. I would like to be able to drive backscreen leds from both systems. My idea is to install Hyperion on a Rapberry Pi 3 as an Hyperion server and then run a Windows or Linux grabber that will talk to this server. Is that possible ?

    Is there a Windows 10 grabber/client that would be able to grab the whole screen and send the right messages to the hyperion server running on the raspberry pi ?

    Same question for the linux side ? Is there a grabber / client ?

    [Edit] Just to be more specific : I want it to work anytime, not only with kodi running.

    Thank you for your help !