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    I figured I'd add some more details as I look into things deeper.

    Per the Reddit link from Ambientheater77 above, there's 2 versions of the LED strips. It looks like I have the simpler one. (Positive, negative, and 1 channel.)

    The power supply for the Govee is 12v 2a.

    I'll link pics to both the LED strip and the internals of the Govee.

    I'm guessing I'll need a level shifter between the LEDs and the Pi, assuming the type of LEDs are supported in the first place. I'm going to try and look that up.

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    That's a good idea about the new device driver.... I'll take a look.

    The existing Govee LED strips I have are apparently 12v, not 5v, so I'll have to use a bigger power supply than most "normal" setups..... I'd just like to use them if I can since they are already on the TV and I also won't just be creating waste throwing them away.

    So a while back I bought one of the Govee backlight systems with a camera that sits on top of the TV, and it's horrible. The lag between what is displayed on the screen and when the backlights change is really bad.

    However, this means I already have LED strips on the back of my TV, and they connect to their little Govee box via USB-C.

    I've also got a spare Raspberry Pi 400 laying around, and a Pi 4 B I could repurpose.

    The Pi 400 does not have GPIO pins, so I was wondering if it could be used to run the existing LED lights I already have if I got a powered USB-C hub?

    If I can't, then it'll just take more manual labor from my end (cut existing wires, scrape plastic protection off the LEDs so I can solder, etc.)..... but I figured I should ask because if I can save myself a little work by just buying a powered USB hub then I'd rather do that.