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    thanks for the fast reply.
    Protoserver is set up, about the priotity I will see. As I dont use an external grabber is it okay to deactivate both I guess.

    About preview: I just thought I can - for example - on the Hyperion see a grab of the Screen. SO I guess I will have to wait for my LEDs.

    The error which Comes up is from Windows. Googling it suggests it is somehow Windows Update related. It could jsut happen if you deactivate too much stuff in Windows (Antispy), therefore I want to try with a fresh install of Windows. I will let you know if that worked for me.

    EDIT: Now after reading the issue/bug. I suppose it is somehow related to AMD/Radeon Cards (I have RX470/8GB). Couldnt post this in the GITHUB thread though (dont know why).

    First of all thanks for doing this.
    I have been able to successfully install. Having a bit of Trouble (think it is a Windows 10 issue though).
    [I can connect with HyperionScreenCap, but after like 20 seconds I get Windows error - Out of Memory]
    I will try a fresh install of Win 10, hopefully this will go away.

    But my question: How do I have to set up Hyperion to use the Screencap? I have deactivated the internal and external grabber Is that even correct? Is there something else I have to adjust? Is there some way - without LED to check if Hyperion can use the sent data ?

    Hyperion is running on a Pi Zero connected via wifi in headless mode. Data is sent via Protobuffer.
    At the Moment I dont have LEDs yet, they will arrive later this or next week.

    Hello guys,
    I just have started up Hyperion on a Pi zero with wifi dongle.
    Want to use it to stream my PC screen (and later add LED)

    sudo service hyperion status seems ok, and with WindowsHyperionScreenCapture I can connect (after I put a config file via the Hypercon.json.

    Several things though:
    1. I have no LED yet to control. I just want to confirm Hyperion is getting the screen on the proto server. How can I confirm the data received is valid?
    2. When I do the first config file via HyperCon, what settings do I have to use? I assume I will have to disable both grabbers (internal,external) ? Anything else?

    And then again I have an issue (I think it is a windows error though): After I get the connected successful notice, HyperionScreenCapture disconnects with this error (running as admin doesnt change it):

    The german part translates to: not enough memory available.

    My rig has i7-6700K, 16 GB of RAM... dont know what the problem can be...
    Any help would be appreciated.

    EDIT: See over here:…available.1018/#post-7765

    Hello. Sounds like a good plan.
    I am not sure if I unferstand the concept though, or rather how do I connect/acces the LED? Is there some kind of USB device I need to add? Or do I somehow send those signals to my Pi for Controlling the LED?

    Edit: I think I get it. On Hyperion which is on my Pi I select the Grabber which is the windows Grabber. So basically I save alle the converters/splitters/grabbers but everything else remains as in normal installation.
    I will test it definitely. Thanks for the hint.

    Hello guys,
    actually I am Kind of new in this materia.
    My plan is to build Ambilight via Hyperion/Pi Zero for my PC.
    At the Moment the Monitor is running with DVI, but in the future I might want to use the Displayport.

    Now I am facing Problems as I dont want to loose the displayport functionality while using this Setup. So I am looking for Solutions to use Hyperion with Splitters/grabbers.

    Let us assume my Monitor supports 144 Hz / and freesync. How do I get a copy of the Signal to the Grabber without loosing the 144 Hz / Freesync.for the regular Connection?

    Idea was the following:
    DP-splitter (1 Signal to Monitor the other used for grabbing the Signal)
    DP->HDMI- Adapter
    HDMI-Adapter -> HDMI Converter
    HDMI-Converter -> Grabber
    Grabber -> Pi

    As soon as I use a HDMI-converter (or even Adapter) I assume I will be limited to 120 Hz though, correct?

    Or would it be simpler to directly let my PC do the Calculation for the LED and control the LED as well. What Hardware/Software would be required for this?
    (Windows 10)