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    Hi there,
    I am using hyperion (not ng version). I found HSV Value gain perfect to boost colors (e.g. value 2.5). But it has small disadvantage - it boosts black color to white color on LEDs. All colors work great "except" black color. Is there any simple workaround for black color please? I mean black should leave black and should not be boosted to white color.

    Many thanks for great hyperion again! :)

    Do not use D4 pin it is tied to the onboard led. If you look at both the onboard led and the first you well notice they blink simultaneously.

    Hope it helps.

    oh, I don't have my esp8266-01 here right now, but this could be the issue. Thank you I will try it in the morning.
    My settings look like this:
    #define CONFIG_LED_DATAPIN 2
    but probably I should set CONFIG_LED_DATAPIN to 0, and comment CONFIG_LED_CLOCKPIN line, because my ws2812b has just 3 wires (I don't know, if my assumption is correct, I must try it out).

    Hi there, I am using framebuffer for screen grabbing on OrangePi. My screen is 800x600px whole black but in the middle plays video with approx 280x160px (centered both horizontally and vertically in the middle of screen).

    Please, how should I change hyperion-framebuffer to accept this central region only with video?

    hi there,
    I am on RPi and when I am on desktop, LEDs show colors ok. But when I open this image with only centered colors, LEDs stay black. How should I set please framegrabber to take just 160x120 central part of the screen?

    P.S. I hoped, that blackborder detector will automatically crop black parts on all sides, but it seems it is not working as I thought for default screen grabber.

    hello, does hyperion framegrabber work on orange pi zero armbian please? (once desktop environment is installed, or what kind of preference does the frame grabber have please?)

    If you do succeeded with a different strip, please let me know, I'd rather put the Orange Pi to the job than the RPi that I can easily find another project for.

    I have success with grabber with stk1160 chipset only. It works fine with no glitches.

    @gebn, thank you for your message. Yes, that is me on armbian forum. I tried to activate spidev1.0 via /boot/armbianEnv.txt but when I start hyperiond and initial effect is running everything flickers like a hell. :(

    Ps. for those trying to to use a USBTV007 on the orangepi, you will need to compile the dev kernel 4.x to get video0 as outlined in the armbian site (if your using armbian)

    Hello, I am trying with Armbian 5.30 Ubuntu 3.4.113 but no luck - UTV007 is identified correctly as Fushicai but /dev/video0 is not created. Is there any working armbian image or step-by-step manual how to compile kernel 4.x? I tried dev kernel Armbian_5.33.171011_Orangepizero_Ubuntu_xenial_next_4.13.5 which has /dev/video0 but spidev is missing there...

    Brindosch, please, I am trying to check basic functionality with white.png image with this code, but I am getting "Size of image data does not match with the width and height" error. I tried simple file read as well as read via PIL.

    I found something like imageData.size() != width*height*3 in cpp file, but even when I save plain white bmp picture 720x576px, it has size of 1 244 214 bytes, and if I understand it good , width*height*3 wants 1 244 160 bytes?

    Any idea why, please?

    Hi Brindosch, thank you for the links. I am familiar with python a bit, so I try out to sort it out this way. I will check links and maybe I get an idea how it works in other languages. Yes, I am experimenting with capturing, now I test framerates.

    maybe I am just searching wrong... but I can't find any example how to send picture data to protoserver over LAN. I would like to do it with python. Is there any documentation for this please? (or example)

    many thanks