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    I've gotten pretty close on all of the colors but am having trouble with a couple of colors showing more green then other colors for certain colors on the screen. Some of the colors are the browns, reddish browns, and some reddish creams -- question:

    What colors do I need to adjust in order to get the brown colors less green?

    On amazon you can choose which white color.

    I am unsure which white to choose- I never realized there were different options until you brought it to my attention haha- good catch. Which one would you go with?

    Which white do you choose ?
    (RGBCW 6000-6500K ;RGBWW 2700-3000K ; RGBNW 4000-4500K), this LED strip have differences white colors. SK6812 in 60 leds in 1 meters it's enough ?

    These are the ones I was gonna get:

    BTF-LIGHTING RGBW RGB+Natural White SK6812 (Similar WS2812B) Individually Addressable 16.4ft 60LEDs/Pixels/m Flexible 4 Colors in 1 LED Dream Color LED Strip IP30 Non-Waterproof DC5V Black PCB…_cp_api_fab_iijFFb11ANENB

    Which white do you choose ?
    (RGBCW 6000-6500K ;RGBWW 2700-3000K ; RGBNW 4000-4500K), this LED strip have differences white colors. SK6812 in 60 leds in 1 meters it's enough ?

    I didn’t see you could get different white levels. For me I have to get about 6 meters to get the edge of my tv. I’m going to have to buy two rolls and supply power to each of the sides in order to keep the power consistent and even.

    Yeah for sure. I actually saw that list on the reviews but was trying to figure out opinions from users as well for whatever reason they chose their route. I found that guys YouTube videos earlier today and I really like his setup. He may have convinced me to go the route of esp32! I've always been curious but this may be the time to do it. I think I'm settling in on RGBW SK6812's. Does anyone have an opposition to that?

    Hey guys- could I get some opinions on which led strips to buy? I just upgraded to a 77" OLED which means I need to cover about 6 meters of length with leds and I'm having a hard time finding that long of length in APA102's. I was hoping to at least go 60 leds p/m as well. Does anyone have some advice on different strips to use or where to buy the length I need? I haven't built a Hyperion setup for like 4 years so I've been out of the game for a while. Thanks!

    Hey Mark- I have a similar setup and split the signal after the receiver before the TV. I never have issues with anything other than Dolby Vision because that is not possible to split at this moment- even HD Fury has told me on their forums many times. :(

    Hey guys,

    I have a build that I set up for my LEDs on my LG OLED TV using a Raspberry Pi and I also have an external power supply. My issue is that every time the screen has a white color on the LEDs the power supply starts to make a very high pitch noise that most people can't even hear but I hear it and it drives me insane. Do I need a larger/higher quality power supply?

    5V/20A Power Supply:…_detailpage?ie=UTF8&psc=1

    Hey there- curious as to what version of software you have installed on the PI running hyperion? I can get the remote function to work and it looks like they took that feature out of openElec 8 or something like that. When I ssh in to my hyperion pi I get the following from running the remote script:

    OpenELEC:~/hyperion/bin # hyperion-remote -e "Knight rider"
    -sh: hyperion-remote: not found

    And boom goes the dynamite. That is exactly what I needed to hear. Will definitely have to probably modify the Home Assistant Hyperion plug in to get all this to work correct but that shouldn't be so hard.

    Thank you so much

    Hey Talguy- did you ever get this to work? I'm working on figuring out a solution for Home Assistant as well and wouldn't mind some help!


    Your diagram didn't appear in your post, but I think you want the pi on the same power supply as the LEDs. Need to share a ground. Usually this results in things like flickering of the LEDs - haven't seen this is relation to a buzzing from the power supply.

    Thanks very much milhouse, I was able to figure it out with a few more searches and your help!

    if you just want to turn it on and off and have homeassistant there's a component for hyperion, then activate the hue_bridge and this lets you say, alexa turn off hyperion.

    I'm not finding a place where I could turn it on and off really in home assistant- the best I've been able to do is have it turn "on" in home assistant and set the default color to (0, 0, 0). Is there a better way to do this that you could help me with? Thanks so much!

    I realize this is probably covered somewhere else on here but I can't seem to find it tonight and I've tried for a while to find a solution!

    Everything works great until I have an all black screen or the raspberry pi is off- then I hear a loud hum or buzz coming from my 30A PSU. I'm sure it's a wiring/ground issue but I'm not sure how to solve it correctly. Below is my wiring setup:

    RasPi and HDMI converter are on separate 5v power that run up to TV in the 4 pin cables
    Up at TV is my PSU powering each side of the strip and meets this 4 pin cable at the start where everything finds itself.

    Any help?

    Hey HomeY,

    I really like what you've done here- what model of LG is this? I have the 65" OLED and am looking to decontruct my old version and start over with this new tv. Did you have to supply the power like this because of how many lights you were using or could you have just soldered all the lines together and powered it from the one source? Sorry I'm a noob when it comes to electricity. By my math I should be under 275 lights total depending on where everything starts.

    Hey guys, I'm sorry if this is a stupid question covered somewhere else, but I have spent a good 5 hours looking for it online and in these forums and haven't found it yet.

    I had a previous setup pretty much exactly like this for my old Plasma 60":…ht-for-every-hdmi-source/

    Now I have upgraded to an LG OLED and I have to reconstruct. I want to follow this tutorial but if I have done my math right using the apa102-c's I will need to power about 274 LEDs.

    Question: Can I follow this tutorial and simply add a higher transformer to handle the load? OR Do I need to follow something like how this guy did his (supplying power to all sides):…hyperion-mediaportal.927/

    Thanks very much.