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    After restart my error V4l2 init failed (Only pixel formats UYVY, YUYV, and RGB32 are supported) disappeared but i still unable to start my hp webcam with NG the cam works well in Hyperion Classic i thinking about buying ps3 cam to try NG
    giovanne so you prefer NG with ps3 cam or clasic with logitech ?

    I can't prefer or recommend a cam. I'm currently also in 'testing mode' and only give the feedback from the tests ;)
    At the moment I'm running the PS3 Eye cam with ng, like stated in the last 'update':…on.2615/page-4#post-10624
    The ps3 eye is running stable, maybe quality (color) is not as good as the Logitechs :confused: but Logitechs are currently not running stable in ng. Ps3eye is good configurable in using higher fps (up to 60fps@640x480 or 187fps@320x240), don't know if pos. effects for hyperion...
    They are also using different drivers: uvcvideo (Logitech) vs ov534 (PS3), maybe effects on the results in stability...

    The best would be if the hyperion developers enhance the support for the cam in general, then I think every cam can work in ng :D
    First step would be: bug #491 (unfortunately no reaction from brindosch, I think he is busy in hyperionBeta/rework :()
    Maybe some issues are solved than, if we know the solution brindosch announced there...?

    Update for now:
    I'm still using a CAM as input for hyperion NG (alpha) and it is working very well :)

    But for the moment I have switched to the USB PS3 Eye Cam because it is working better than the Logitech C250 before or the C270 I also tried to test.

    The Logitechs are working not so stable:
    - when trying to start with the Logitech they are often reported to be busy or in use; trying once again then they are sometimes working -> [hyperiond V4L2:/dev/video0] <ERROR> V4l2 init failed (Cannot open '/dev/video0' error code 16, Device or resource busy)
    - a stop/restart of the Logitech in NG (alpha) WebIF isn't working
    - the C250 is often losing connection in NG (debug reports 'set smoothing...' often) (for the working PS3 Eye only reported once when starting); restart of NG necessary
    - the C270 I can't get working in hyperion (alpha), Beta ok:
    if USB Recording is in state 'off' when starting hyperiond then always a 'Stopped' is triggered after starting USB Recording from WebIf -> hyperiond V4L2:/dev/video0] <INFO> Stopped
    or if USB Recording is in state 'on' when starting hyperiond then -> [hyperiond V4L2:/dev/video0] <ERROR> start failed (VIDIOC_STREAMON error code 5, Input/output error)
    - optional: test in hyperion.ngBeta, there is an additional 'Started' reported in debug, therefore the 'Stopped' bug #491 isn't existing there;
    - optional: test in hyperion.ngBeta/rework, the USB cams (grabbers?) aren't working; -> [hyperiond V4L2:auto] <ERROR> Throws error nr: VIDIOC_DQBUF error code 22, Invalid argument; also new setting/config mechanism

    So for now I will run my TV / LEDs with (alpha) and the PS3 Eye cam.
    Because of the possibilities to configure the cam with v4l2-ctl parameters, it is possible to get a good result in case of no auto exposure, white balancing, brightness, ...
    The Eye cam is working without problems since 48h non stop, restart in WebIF is possible.
    After starting hyperiond the USB Recording has to be activated because of bug #491 once.

    With the tool from DerBen it is possible to generate and paste the LEDs trapezoid definition very simple to hyperion.config.json:…on.2615/page-3#post-10522

    My personnel todo:
    - color adjustment and tuning in and maybe also with v4l2-ctl, but therefore I have to understand the ng configs and v4l2 parameters more in detail.
    - hyperion/LEDs control depending of the status of the TV (instead of grabber input before):…ure-grabber-on-rule.2730/
    - little TV picture to LED visu shift, maybe because of a problem in ng (alpha) LED config (gabs, positions, ...), not sure for now

    Future enhancements:
    - trapezoid definition for the cams:
    - v4l2-ctl controls for the cams:

    I will follow the upcoming activities about cam usage and hope that will support them because I think they are a good solution for current requirements (4k/UHD, Smart TV Apps, ...) :thumbsup:

    I also hope that there is something to test in the near future ;)

    Did you try just grabbing the output from the TV Scart socket? That would be far easier if your TV will allow it.

    ... that was in the past and used before, but when upgrading (in my case) to LG OLED UHD and e.g. Sky Pro Receiver with only ONE HDMI Output, I was looking for a new solution. And the Splitter/Linker etc. are too expensive for me and especially because of the new TV with SmartTV Apps not covering all the requirements.
    But we need no discussion about that in general again here ;)

    Here we can discuss the usage of a CAM which is used for hyperion input/grabber.

    For me that is the solution I will stay with. The experiences mentioned in this thread and the testing shows me that I'm on the right way. Maybe not perfect but ok for my requirements. And maybe there will come additional features in ('trapezoid'-config, 'Exposure'-mode, ...) ... :D

    I am still in a testing and optimizing process :)
    I think currently some important topics for the CAM usage are the findings about "NO-CHANGE"-option, "trapezoid"-config and prevent "Exposure, Auto"-options...

    Since I have tested with v4l2-ctl I'm able to get the C250 to run stable in ng

    Before I got lot's of set smoothing messages in debug mode:
    [hyperiond Smoothing] <INFO> set smoothing cfg: 6, interval: 369098752 ms, settlingTime: 40 ms, updateDelay: 0 frames

    Since I haved switched to "Expose, Auto" -> "Manual Mode" and "Exposure, Auto Priority" -> "off" the set smoothing are very rare
    and the C250 is stable - until now in ng (in classic no problem) :)
    Edit: hmm - isn't stable, the rare set smoothing sometimes ending in:
    [hyperiond V4L2:/dev/video0] <INFO> Stopped
    Edit Edit: but it is much more stable than before. No connection lost this evening. So I think it has to do with 'set smoothing' topic and/or v4l2 cam settings. I think I have to inspect the ng source to now when the 'set smoothing' is triggered...

    I also checked but playing with "Exposure (Absolute)" control, I can provoke a
    [hyperiond V4L2:/dev/video0] <INFO> Stopped

    Additional it is very useful to use 'v4l2ucp' for live modification on parameters.
    For the webcam there are a lot of parameters (contrast, saturation, brightness, ...) (like also in hyperion) which can be controlled via 'v4l2-ctl'.

    to test CAMs behaviour about 'Auto Exposure/Brigthness' and prevent unwanted color changes it is maybe helpful to check this with v4l2-ctl.

    For the Logitech C250 (and maybe others also) I can switch the 'Auto Exposure' mode by:
    # on - auto exposure/brightness
    v4l2-ctl -c exposure_auto_priority=1
    v4l2-ctl -c exposure_auto=3

    # off - auto exposure/brightness
    v4l2-ctl -c exposure_auto_priority=0
    v4l2-ctl -c exposure_auto=1

    tested with 'v4l2ucp' the values I need and controlled the behaviour with motion (hyperion classic) or 'Live Video' (

    Yeah, sound good.
    I know the unnerving, but is't Alpha ;)

    Thanks for the tool, I will have a look to it. We all are learning for this cam environment. My excel sheet is working for me but maybe yours it better :D

    I currently have a 5m USB repeater cable.

    I will also get an additional c270 for testing. Than I have compared some of the cheap cams :)
    Have you tested the c270 for long times grabbing? I ask because my c250 loses often the connection, but only in ng, not in classic...

    I have also to do some color configs, if you have experiences let me know...

    I think we are on a good way using cams instead of expensive splitter, linker, ... :bigsmile:

    Ok thanks, I think I will do it by a script/cron and controlling with hyperion remote.

    -E, --enable <enable>                              Enable the Component with the given name. Available Components are [SMOOTHING,                                                                                                                    BLACKBORDER, FORWARDER,                                                                                                                       UDPLISTENER,                                                                                                                                  BOBLIGHT_SERVER, GRABBER,         
                                                                                                                V4L, LEDDEVICE]                                                                            
    -D, --disable <disable> ...

    or maybe for all

    --off                                              deactivates hyperion                                                                       
    --on                                               activates hyperion

    When using an USB Cam or a Picam for v4l2 grabber capture input, then it would be nice to have a possibility to disable the grabber temporary if there is no need to capture.

    Because a cam will capture all the time, where a (fushicai) grabber only captures when the input source is sending a signal.

    For me the grabber should capture from the cam only if the TV is on.
    It is a SmartTV and when I'm watching TV he is reachable in local network.

    Therefore it should be fine if the v4l2 grabber (USB recording in ng) is deactivated if a specific IP adress isn't reachable and switched on again if the IP is reachable.
    (or can the USB recording controlled remote/command line, then I can write a separate controller script switching it on / off)

    Or maybe there are other, better solutions...

    I'm not sure if related to:…d-shutdown-detection.146/

    And if the LEDs position/grabbing area is defined (for me 'trapezoid' in the hyperion.config.json), then is also displaying the LEDs position in the WebInterface 'Live Video' this way :):thumbsup:
    (todo: color calibration and finetuning) and the web-interface is so amazing :bigsmile:
    (and for my current test I think/feel that is also faster/smoother than hyperion classic)

    Interesting is also that when using the same max/min values for the LEDs in ng and classic, that is much better with this (is just like seen in the Live Video).

    hyperion classic has a shift for the LEDs area -. don't know why. But not so important - my favorite is ng for now :D

    Is it possible and if yes what is the best way, when I have a setup with ws2801 leds on all four sides at the TV.
    For some tests, I want some leds to be disabled (should stay off all the time).
    E.g. if I only want to use the leds 'horizontal top' or 'horizontal top and some on the left and right'.

    So if my hyperion.config.json has defined led index 0 to 129.
    Now I only want to activate led '60 to 94', all the other should stay 'off'

    I found out, that if I set min and max to the same value, than the led is off:
    "index": 60,
    "hscan": { "minimum" : 0.3498, "maximum" :0.3498},
    "vscan": { "minimum" : 0.6118, "maximum" :0.6118}

    Is this the right way? (tested in hyperion classic)
    Or is there a better way to optimize data traffic on the SPI interface?