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    i want to get the ambilight from a extern hdmi signal ( basically one signal my receiver has two hdmi out)

    i looked at the windows grabber software... im not exactly sure it says monitor and adapter?
    what is meant exactly with adapter? a usb grabber or a gpu?

    i could let the usb grabber display the input video signal fullscreen to a "second monitor"...
    if the second method can grab the the whole second screen i could use this signal to run hyperion ..
    it maybe be possible this way.

    i managed to get the hyperion service + multipliple instances of it, running on WSL :D
    i just had to get better linux knowledge first lol
    the errors in the installation was about the autostart (init is autostart stuff i think ??)
    i still couldnt find a beginner friendly solution / skript for the autostart...
    i always have to start the bash and have to enter the commands manually to start...

    i dont have a usb grabber yet -.-..
    i will get one on the first..
    i hope it works on wsl, this would be awesome!
    i got kodi setup really nice on windows, would be a shame to switch to linux just because of the ambilight :D

    i know there are windows programms like hyperion also but from what i heard hyperion is the best :D

    i wanted to use hyperion service on windows linux subsystem.

    i run windows insider preview 17063.

    if i run ubuntu as administrator and type
    curl -k -L --output --get https://raw.githubusercontent.…r/bin/
    it downloads a 20519 big file.

    when typing
    chmod +x
    nothing happes it jumps back to normal input in bash

    when typing
    sudo sh ./

    it takes a while and i get this
    [sudo] password for drc:
    This script will install/update Hyperion Ambient Light
    Created by brindosch - - the official Hyperion source.
    ---> Stop Hyperion, if necessary
    ---> Install/Update Hyperion dependencies (This may take a while)
    ---> Downloading the appropriate Hyperion release
    2018-01-13 16:33:13 URL:…se/hyperion_x86x64.tar.gz [2276963/2276963] -> "-" [1]
    ---> Installing initctl script
    initctl: Unable to connect to Upstart: Failed to connect to socket /com/ubuntu/upstart: Connection refused
    ---> Starting Hyperion
    initctl: Unable to connect to Upstart: Failed to connect to socket /com/ubuntu/upstart: Connection refused
    Hyperion Installation/Update finished!
    Please download the latest HyperCon version to benefit from new features!
    To create a config, follow the HyperCon Guide at our Wiki (EN/DE)!
    Wiki: Webpage:

    if i use
    sudo service hyperion start
    i get a ok but im not sure if it is running or whats going on .

    can anybody help me to get hyperion working on windows? i would also pay money LOL
    i read a few times someone was able to do it but i cant since im total linux newbie...
    i found an interessting aricle online wich says linux sub can show the services in the taskmanager and run in background.…ound-task-support-in-wsl/

    also is it possible to use the usb grabber for hyperion on windows linux subsystem too?
    i have read that usb isnt supported by windows linux sub?
    would be cool if anybody could give me a few informations because im not getting any further.
    sorry for the stupid questions.

    they working for me too if i run them..thanks for that.

    thats not the problem...
    im no developer its hard for me to see what part is neccesary for olny the udp signal inside the i can use it for my own local webserver...
    i got the feeling u guys wont tell it because u want ppl to download the app...

    but lets see i will find out :D im getting closer

    looking the neopixel file made me realise there is a UDP RAW file wich seems to do what i need.... :)

    im getting closer... i finally found a simple example how the udp works... now i need to test :D

    Who’s sending data to who ?

    Both ways are supported by hyperion.

    This thread is about foreign devices sending LED data into Hyperion to be displayed by Hyperion on the LEDs

    thanks, i know i thought the udp part is similiar since its working both ways. i didnt wanted to open up a thread again i already opened a few..

    in my case hyperion (on htpc) sending the data to the esp wich is controlling the led...

    i would love to use the hyperion app but unfortunatly it dont works if hyperion (on my htpc) is off..
    (pls correct me if im wrong im still new to hyperion and coding)

    if each esp could receive only the udp signal from hyperion, i still could run each esp led device with my color patterns/effects even when hyperion(htpc) is off...the link i posted is doing this but its for the use with the app only... there must be a way to get the esp acting as a udp listener (as a pattern inside my the local webserver im using) without the app... but i cand find any examples

    edit i finally found something but still need to figure out how to implement this inside

    sorry for bringing this up, im trying to receive the udp signal on my esp...
    i found a tutorial but it has no webserver to change effects etc... its made to use with the app....

    i wanted to use my own local webserver instead so i can have the functions i want when controlling the led...

    how can i use the udp listener on the esp without using the sketch from the link?
    are there some code examples? i cant find the code inside the sketch... i think wrapperudp has somehting to do with it...

    very nice now i know its possible :D

    im a linux newbie lol alway get a error when i try to start it on windows ubuntu bash...
    when installing it it also gave me a error about ini.d wich also causes the problem with the start...

    Starting hyperiond... /etc/init.d/hyperion: line 37: /var/run/ Permission denied

    i google alot i dont know how to get it to work... how didu guys got hyperion running on windows in the bash??

    thanks alot,
    i will need to get the setup up before i can continue on planning any further.
    one more question.... for understanding the grabbers for hyperion...

    im planning on connecting all devices to a hdmi receiver with two hdmi outputs. one of the devices is the htpc with hyperion service on it.
    the hdmi2 output of the receiver will be connect to the usb grabber.
    The usb grabber is connected to the htpc...
    so basically the htpc would grab its own hdmi output..
    is this possible?

    if yes, i think there would be no need for a intern graber, kodi integration and windowsgrabber for me...
    i could just let everything run over the usb grabber..

    sorry for all the questions

    thanks, i will take a look at the fix...
    i got hyperion runnign on win10 subsystem, im really new to linux, its working but i still need to work on the autosart... because of windows...

    now at least i know i need to use the ip where hyperion service is running (in my case the windows machine) inside of the windows grabber...
    but im still not sure if i also need to change something inside of the config from hypercon?

    what grabber options i have?
    when using the grabber built inside of the hypercon there is no windows grabbing...
    can i use both?
    i would like to use the windows grabber(from you) and a extern usb grabber at the same time with priority settings...
    so if no signal from the usb grabber is coming it should use your grabber...
    is this possible?

    i will get me a grabber in a few days, then i can test it better... without the hardware its hard to explain and test :D

    nice work
    but im still a little bit confused how to use it...
    is there a instruction somewhere?

    im runnign the grabber on windows 10 with ubuntu subsystem + hyperion

    i dont have the hardware for my ambilight yet so i cant really test with a usb grabber...
    does your windows grabber also supports a usb grabber?

    im also not sure what ip adress i have to enter in your grabber for hyperion server?
    (the hyperion server ip is where hyperion service runs?)

    also im not sure what i need to do inside of the hypercon config file.
    do i need to active or deactive the intern and extern grabber?

    a little insturcition how to setup up the basics would be very nice :D

    i also found a error in the gui... im using windows 10 64bit 17063 release preview


    hi great work!!!

    i installed the grabber yesterday...
    i found a error in the gui...see picture...

    also a very stupid question... maybe u can help..
    im running hyperion service on windows 10 ubuntu sub system
    on the same machine i want to use your Windows grabber..
    im not sure what ip i should use inside the grabber setup...

    does it needs the ip where the hyperion service runs on?
    do i also need to change somethign in the hypercon?
    i couldnt found any tutorials or information...

    im new to linux, im still playing around and testing hyperion...

    i just installed the ubuntu subsystem and the hyperion windows grabber on win10.
    i also downloaded and installed hyperion in the ubuntu terminal..
    but im not sure where it is stored? where do i need to put the hypercon config file i created?
    also it gave me a error?

    Installing startup script in init.d
    rm: cannot remove '/etc/init.d/hyperion': No such file or directory
    starting hyperion ok...
    installation finished...

    sorry for the question..
    but is hyperion only runnig when the ubuntu terminal is open?


    i found the linux folders... they are under...

    there is a init file inside but no init.d folder should i create one and install it again?

    update 2.…ackage-on-bash-on-windows

    did i understand it right... the init.d entry is for the autostart of the hyperion service?
    and its not possible with windows sub... i need to create a script to start it... ? are there any good tutorial out ? this is hard to use google for every tiny step :D

    i want to run a nuc with windows 10 and linux subsystem... i would like to use this method here... i think i could get it working... but my problem is i would like to have it inside of my webserver... so basically i need the ambilight pattern show up " the udp input signal from hyperion"
    after looking at your code im a little bit confused.. is this the whole code or just the udp part also what ios are u running? is the hyperion server running on windows also? thx

    ohne jetzt alles zu lesen aber warum wird noch extra ein arduino benötigt?
    wäre ein 2euro level shifter nicht einfacher und kleiner :D

    ps habs mir jetz mal angeguckt....
    du nutzt den nano um die 3.3 v signale auf 5v umzuwandeln oder?

    guck dir mal sparkfun level converter an... das ist genau das was du brauchst :D

    welches bild meisnt du :D
    ein level shifter ist dazu da um zb HV 5v signale auf LV 3,3 v signale(nicht strom) umzuwandeln (bi in beide richtungen) :D gibt die in verschiednenen ausführungen mit mehr oder weniger volt

    soweit ich weiss braucht der level shifter auch v und gnd... was auf einer seite rein geht kommt auf der anderen dementsprechend raus...
    sprich du musst hinten und vorne verbinden ist dann also ein zwischen stück wie du sagst...

    am besten wärs du guckst dir das datenblatt von dem shifter an dann weisst du auch wo was rein kommt und wo was raus kommt....

    zur zweiten frage: wenn du so einen ganz kleinen shifter hast könntest du den eigentlcih mit einem grossen schrumpfschlauch direkt am kabel vor den led hängen lassen...... wäre gut zuwissen mit was du arbeitets, da gibts etliche möglichkeiten es zu befestigen..
    ich bin kein fan von offenen lötstellen hinten am tv oder sonst wo die brechen doch sehr leicht finde ich...
    ich würde es mit in die box vom PI? stecken....

    zu den blitzen was für led hast du und mit was betreibst du sie? probier vlt auch noch mal einen 470 ohm wiederstand auf den daten pins vor den leds.... die adressierbaren led haben zwar meistens einen wiederstand drin aber hab shcon öfter gelesen das es trotzdem gut ist noch einen extra davor zu machen....

    hi ich hätte mal ne frage,
    bitte erschlagt mich nicht :D

    ich bin ziemlich neu auf den gebiet und kann nicht programieren sondern kopiere meistens nur hin und her und ändere einige kleinigkeiten lol...

    hab es jetz geschaft den webserver von meinen esp so zu bearbeiten das er auch andere esp als links oben anzeigt.
    habe dann bei beiden esp eine feste ip zugewiesen damit die links auch immer funktionieren..jetz will ich mich an ein amblight wagen. an sich kein so grosses problem aber ich würde gerne alles seperat unabhänging von einander per webserver steuern.

    mittlerweile hab ich auch schon einige tutorials gesehen wie man das hyperion signal zb an einem esp via ssh und wifi streamt. allerdings hätte noch ein paar fragen aber finde nichts passendes auf meine antworten...

    1-kann hyperion mittlerweile von intern auf usb grabber automatisch hin und her switchen sobald ein usb signal eingeht?

    2-welches os ist am besten für hyperion? ich habe einen udox86 und bin mir nicht sicher ob ich linux openelec oder doch windows10(7?) mit linux sub draufmachen soll? es soll wirklich nur kodi mit hyperion drauf laufen...

    3-gibts ne möglichkeit das ich das hyperion signal als "pattern" in meinen webserver mit einbaue?
    wie würde das genau ablaufen wenn das geht? denke eigentlcih das es gehen müsste nur der workaround könnte kompliziert werden... hier mal der link zu dem webserver files

    (ist jetzt bestimmt nciht ganz so richtig und vlt auch total schwachsinn...
    aber müsste es nicht machbar sein indem man
    -skript.js bearbeitet und das json skript und den udp server hinzufügt
    -im sketch den udp server hinzufügt
    -in der html index file die patterns bearbeitet damit er bei dem "ambilight pattern" auf die jskript datei zugreift)

    4-dann würde ich noch gerne wissen ob das signal beim streamen via wlan auf einen esp verzögert ist oder ob das wirklich genau synchron ist?

    wäre cool wenn mir jmd ein bisschen auf die sprünge helfen kann...
    frohes neues gruss dave