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    Which guide are you using?
    PWM and SPI are different
    I use SPI, which is pin 19 and 23. ground pin is 9
    Make sure you have everything connected before loading/sending the json file. It will not work with a partial setup

    I'm confused about what you're referring to when you say "random colors"

    I'm not sure about the WS2812b, but I see that you have your color order as "GRB"

    Is how it's supposed to be?

    I use this video:

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    to calibrate the color order. After doing so, I found out that my green and blue lights were swapped, so I changed my color order to "RBG" and it works fine.


    Just a word of warning before anyone who starts this project.

    If you are using the video grabber with chipset STK1160, you will need to use a Raspberry Pi 2 or above.

    I have tried using this chip set with a Pi zero and a Pi One B and the lights do not sync properly. They turn off immediately and flash back on for a second, then turn off again for a few seconds.

    Do NOT use chipset STK1160 with the Pi Zero or Original!

    Did you install Hyperion yet?

    Also, make sure that the wiring is connected on the corrected side. Meaning, the 4 wires coming from the LED strip to the controller is beginning in the correct direction.


    Can everyone who has successfully finished the project please post their configurations?

    So far, I have ONLY been able to complete the project with:

    - Raspberry Pi 2
    - OpenELEC (latest version)
    - Latest version of Hyperion

    I have tried the following with NO success
    - RPi3B+ with Libreelec
    - RPi Zero W with OpenElec (RPi1)
    - RPi Model B+ (original Pi, version 1)

    I've seen other posts with working configs, but I cannot get the lights to change with ANY of the other Pis BESIDES Raspberry Pi 2

    If you got the projects working with another Pi, can you please post the OS that you used?

    Using ONLY WS2801




    Yes, I checked SPI with grep, and it is on.

    Also, I just changed my Rpi2 to an RPI3 and still..... no luck! And I'm SURE this Pi works, because it was I used it as a test bench for my other LED light strips to check to see if the lights worked.

    It's gotta be some setting or part of the programming because I'm pretty sure it's not my soldering. And I've checked my connections over 100 times now to ensure that the wiring matches the diagrams.

    Weird thing is, this isnt working for my friend, too. We're both stuck at this same


    Wondering if anyone can help as I've been banging my head against this project all weekend.

    I've successfully completed this project twice now, so I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong now.

    Here are a few pieces of info:

    - WS2801
    - OpenELEC 8.0.4
    - Raspberry Pi 2

    So, I have a working unit being used right now. I have no problems with this. I'm making a second one using the exact same parts, even the Rpi2.

    Once I connect everything, I use Hyperion to SSH into my Pi successfully.
    I install Hyperion successfully.
    I create the JSON config file and upload it. It gets uploaded fine. I check with WinSCP and I see the config file.
    But the lights don't change. Nothing changes. I start/stop the program, and do not get the boot effect. I try changing colors and it stays static.

    I have no idea what I'm doing wrong. I have ground connected to pin 9, SI connected to pin 19, and CK connected to pin 23.

    I thought maybe my Pi was bad, so I changed it out for a Pi Zero W. Still no changing lights.

    I even tried cloning the image of the working unit and using it on the new one. STILL doesn't work.

    I'm not getting an errors in the log files either. Everything seems to be working, but the lights don't flash at all. I've tried re-crimping the wires and terminal too.

    So, from what I've gathered the problem is NOT:
    1) the LED strips (I've tested on another RPI, running a python script that goes through all the lights)
    2) the wires (I know the 5V wire works because the LEDs light up. I've use this same wire for the CK and SI wires too, no signal received)
    3) the RPi2 (I've switched out for Pi Zero W, no luck)

    So, it has to be somewhere in a setting right? But I've used the EXACT same settings from my first device. Even a duplicate image of a working SD card! Any ideas?

    My working unit uses 8.0.4 OpenELEC. So, it's not this issue, as I've seen some people have had before.

    I once had this issue on my working device. Twice, actually.

    The first time, it was some stupid reason, like I had two copies of HyperCon on my computer (not running, just one in Documents and one in Desktop.) I ran the Documents HyperCon and wasnt getting anything. Then I closed it, and ran the Desktop one, and it worked for some weird reason.

    Second time, I found out it was because the first LED in my strip was damaged from applying solder too many times. I snipped the first LED off and it worked like a charm.

    This time again I'm stuck

    I figured it out.

    After I changed to the Pi2, i mentioned the problems still happened. I knew it wasn't my wiring, because it was working before. After much futher investigation, I found the problem. It was the first LED light connected to the wiring apparently got damaged in between use. Maybe when I was moving the TV, the dangling cable somehow got damaged, or maybe my cat messed with it. Anyway, a bunch of things went wrong in between use, but I finally got it all working. Thanks for your tip.


    I've successfully finished this project multiple times, but this is the first time I've tried with a Pi Zero W. All others have been with a Pi2B. I'm thinking it should be pretty much the same, but I can't figure out why the lights aren't changing. I've managed to connect to the Pi with Hyperion, install the program, and send the config file, but nothing on the lights change. No bootup light sequence, nor auto-update color picker.
    I've checked and double checked my wiring connection and it seems that it's connected the way it's supposed to be. Any tips? I feel like I might be missing an option somewhere in Hyperion that I forgot. Thanks

    Hmm, I'm also using the EASYCAP USB 2.0 Audio Video Capture Adapter TV VHS DVD to grab the video into the Raspberry Pi. Some tutorials don't show this piece as a requirement for the setup. Could this be the issue?

    edit: Ah. I didn't' mention that I'm using an HDMI grabber and HDMI to AV Scaler, plus this Easycap device.

    I think these devices do not the Hyperion software to detect black borders, since the source is coming from (in this case) my laptop or another HDMI source. I think it can only detect the black borders when the source is coming from the Raspberry Pi, using Kodi or something.

    I'm wondering if anyone can help with this problem. I've searched the forums, Google, and Reddit but can't seem to find a solution.

    I've set the Black Border Detection threshold to 0, 10, 13, 15, 16, 25, 50, 70, and 100 and still do not get any detection of black borders. I've even adjusted for cropping with no success. I followed every guide about configuring this setting to no avail.

    My setup works flawlessly if there's no black bar, but there's a giant black gap of space at the top middle if the video is in letterbox.

    Below are my details:

    I'm running OSMC Raspberry Pi 2. The whole configuration is plugged into a laptop/media center. This computer plays the video on a 1980x1080 screen.

    I'm wondering if the problem is with OSMC and maybe I need to use OpenElec, Rasplex, Raspian, Kodi, or Raspmc?

    Also, I wonder if the problem is with using my laptop as the main source? I don't think this is the issue, but maybe it has something to do with the resolution I've set.

    One other thing: I tried changing the Startup Sequence to Knight Rider, but it still maintains the default Rainbow Spiral setting when I upload the config file. I'm not sure why it's doing this. When I inspect the config file, the values have changed, but the setup doesn't respond to the changes. Could this be an issue for why the setup is not detecting the Black Border Detection?