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    Hello together,

    I am not a star programmer but I think I can do something.

    Have you ever been able to collect information in this direction?

    In theory, this should not be so difficult. In the plugin construct of OBS I can intercept the stream and would have to generate from it only somehow a flatbuffer stream.

    Actually not a difficult task... I would be grateful for any information in this directionI think that this task would be very useful for everyone. I also think that the range of Hyperion can be made much bigger if there would be a decent grabber at last.

    Hello all,

    I have now also set up Hyperion for my Windows 10 PC and am also quite satisfied. However, I found that the screen grabber does not work with DX12, OpenGL and Vulkan Games... which is unfortunately a disaster.

    I don't want to start working with the HDMI grabber again, because I think it can be solve in software.

    And the suitable open source software we have somehow already... OBS (

    This piece of software should be known to everyone. What we are missing here is a plugin that pushes out flatbuffer at the other end.

    Has anyone ever deal with this?

    Currently I owned a ws2812b LED set consisting of 30 LED/Meter. Since I am not satisfied with the color rendering any more, I would like to upgrade.

    My plan is to replace the LEDS with SK6812 RGBNW. I aim at 144LED/Meter.

    I would also replace my Hyperion with Hyperion.NG. As far as I know this is obligatory for RGBW.

    So at the end of the day I would like to buy the following

    New hardware:
    - SK6812 RGBNW 144/m (Does anyone have a link here where I can be sure that they are the right ones for me?)
    - New power supply

    Anything else I need to note?