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    Could we also install this in kodi self? I have a rpi4 with libreelec on it and installed there the

    I just want to use the internal fframe grabber for screen caputure

    So is it possible to get hyperion working with the apps on samsung tv with OS tizen?

    I saw the link but did not understand how to fix this.

    Do you have tips idea?


    Hello all

    I am over the moon with my Hyperion ng setup via RPI4 + USB Camera however, I cannot get the black border detection to work at all. I have cycled through all of the modes and set thresholds between 1% and 100% with no success. Could someone please advise?

    Thank you in advance!

    Which camera you are using?

    Sk6812 rgbw is also better then apa 102?

    At the moment I have ws2801 but I think to switch to another led strip.