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    Yes I changed the DMA to 10, but still the same problem/crash. Do I have to build the rpi_ws281x library in another way instead of "scons deb"? What and where is the built output? Where do I have to copy it? How does Hyperion know to use it?

    Hi all,

    unfortunately I have a problem with the Hyperion startup. My system is a Raspberry Pi Zero with a WS2812b at GPIO18 which works fine when I run the following python code for example:

    import board
    import neopixel
    pixels = neopixel.NeoPixel(board.D18, 299)
    pixels.fill((40, 15, 0))

    When I try to run Hyperion it gives me the following log output:

    I both installed Hyperion via Hypercon and via command line without luck. I changed the HDMI and audio settings in the boot config.txt but still without success. Now I'm running out of ideas and thus I need your help and advice.

    Thanks in advance and best regards!