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    Just a couple of updates on this thread, since I've been able to make this work even though hasn't released alpha10 yet, so I had to do a workaround. What I did is get myself a NodeMCU controller, connected my LED strip to that and setup hyperion to work via udpraw. Basically hyperion on the RPi captures the screen and sends it via UDP to the NodeMCU which powers the LEDs. Works like a charm.

    Only problem is that the current grabber which uses on the RPi - DispmanX is broken on the RPi 4, and the team is on it developing a fix to this problem, which causes you to have limit the RPi Video output to Full HD (1080p) as well as the GUI to 1080p and 30Hz refresh rate in order to have a stable image.

    2021-02-13T16:53:59.613Z [hyperiond LEDDEVICE] (ERROR) Device disabled, device 'ws281x' signals error: 'Failed to open. Error message: Hardware revision is not supported'

    That doesn't look good.

    Do by any chance have the LibreELEC Hyperion Addon installed?

    I don't have it, no.

    Its LibreELEC @jeroen warmerdam it is a linux distro but stripped back, bare minimum o/s to run Kodi and to keep footprint small, there is no package manager - apt is not installed, any packages required usually need to be compiled or installed in form of a kodi addon, LibreELEC do provide a lot of default packages bundled together for the Pi tho but im nearly 90% certain adding the SPI line to the config is enough to get the GPIO going, but maybe not and you could very well have solved his problem.

    Try installing it by going to...
    Addons -> Install form Repository -> LibreELEC Addons -> Program Addons -> Raspberry Pi Tools

    Install and reboot - see what happens

    What does the System-Log say?
    If the LED-Device is off you should find the reason there....

    What happens when you enable the LED-Device via the Remote Control again?
    Can you share the log after enabling the device?

    I removed the Hyperion installation and reinstalled it. I also installed the Pi Tools on LibreELEC. Once I launch the WebUI for the first time the LED Device status is ON. Then I try inputting my hardware config and when I'm done the LED Device status goes off. Here's the log at this point:

    When I try to turn it on manually it just goes off again and nothing more is logged.

    I’m using a WS2812 strip, connected through a level shifter with it’s own PSU. I kept all of the connections the same, I just moved the DIN pin from my Pi3 to my Pi4 on the same pin (GPIO18), and also moved the ground from my Pi3 to my Pi4 on the same pin. I’ve now added another common ground from the ledstrip to the Pi per the above instructions, but nothing changed.

    Hyperion log shows no errors or warnings. Also, when I go into hyperion dashboard the led device status is off. The controller type I’ve set is ws281x RPi PWM.

    @davieboy I did everything as explained there, I got the playback stable by limiting the menu to 720p, but still nothing shows on the LEDs, not even the solid color tests from the Web GUI. This same setup worked on my RPi 3, I just reconnected the pins to the RPi 4, so there's definitely nothing wrong with connections.

    After searching for hours and hours on this and other forums it still remains unclear: is there any way to get either hyperion or up and running currently on RPi 4 running LibreELEC? If so, can anyone provide the appropriate data so we can compile a tutorial.