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    I am using a Nvidia Shield with the Android grabber for several years without any problems. (apa102 connected to pi zero w) absolutely no delay.

    For testing hyperion with the remaining apps I updated to hyperion ng and bought an usb capture device. Here I also see the delay @Zaborejszyn mentioned.

    I also have the same hardware @jeroen warmerdam has laying around, but did not have the time to test this yet.

    I have an Onkyo with 2 hdmi out so 1 is dedicated for the grabber.


    Op stretch werkt het net zo als op Jessie. Alleen heb ik gemerkt dat de initiële start niet werk. Service een keer stop/start en het werkt prima. Kan je verbinding maken via Hypercon? Dit maakt het debuggen een stuk makkelijker.

    Hier de volledige commandos welke hypercon uitvoerd:

    //Start service
    sudo systemctl start hyperion.service 2>/dev/null ; sudo /etc/init.d/hyperion start 2>/dev/null ; sudo /sbin/initctl start hyperion 2>/dev/null

    //Stop service
    sudo systemctl stop hyperion.service 2>/dev/null; sudo /etc/init.d/hyperion stop 2>/dev/null ; sudo /sbin/initctl stop hyperion 2>/dev/null

    I read a lot about the Nvidia Shield. Has anyone got it running on an Android TV Box Like Xiaomi or anything comparable?

    I tried the first alpha/early version on the Mi Box and there where some issue. Kodi or Plex worked fine. I had some issues with Youtube. You will find this a few pages back. I don't have the Mi Box anymore. Happy with the Shield right now.

    hello, i have hyperion setup with rpi2+arduino. Im about to buy nvidia shield. Will i have some problem getting kodi+hyperion to work? do i need rpi2 or just connect arduino to nvidia via USB with this grabber?

    You will need an instance of Hyperion to send your data to. So leave your setup as it is. You can download the phone version of this grabber to test its working on your android phone. Then you will see how easy it is.

    For what I think is surprising, is that the modded app does work. So it is possible to watch Netflix with leds on. The live channels also didn't work before. With Xposed module they do light up :)

    I was too curious, so had to test.

    What is for the Shield the advantage of using Magisk? I am using SU and Xposed, and this does the job too. And seems a lot easier then your method.

    Did you try to mod the Android TV Netflix apk? I am not sure what needs to be edited, but I found a txt file on xda. Edit a decompiled apk is not a thing i did before.

    What I noticed is that the lights are working in the menu, but with a video played, the lights go off. (top right corner).

    Kan je de leds via HyperCon met het kleuren wiel aansturen? Wat is verder je setup? Maak je alleen gebruik van een usb grabber?

    Wat ik zelf ook handig vind om te testen is de Android app. Maar HyperCon geeft je wel het duidelijkste beeld.

    Hello, first of all, thank you for your great app, I have an Nvidia Shield tv 2015 and it works very well.
    I've something to share, I tried to disable secure flag system wide, I managed to get there by unlocking the bootloader, downloading the boot.img fron the nvidia site, patching it with another phone with magisk installed (maybe there other ways but this seems to be the only one working for nvidia shield), flashed it to the shield through fastboot, installed magisk module for xposed framework api 26 (for oreo 8.0, other version will use other apis), xposed installer apk for magisk, and disable secure flag xposed module.

    Now I'm allowed to take screenshot everywhere, and your screen grabber can grab at least the netflix menu (before it couldn't) but sadly the screenshot while playing netflix or amazon prime video are still black, the great think is that i can grab from the modded netflix apk from xda (https://forum.xda-developers.c…ahd-dolby-5-1-l1-t3535349)

    I think it's worth some more investigation, I'm pretty sure that once disabled the secure flag the problem still remaining is widevine L1 since the L3 version works, but I think I can't do much more with my skill level

    Great work. I had this on my agenda for a really long time, but couldn't find the time to test it. What modded app are you using? Does the 4k version work for you? I am also curious what DisableFlagSecure you used? There is a Xposed version, but you are talking about a magisk module. Which one did you use?

    Please note that there a really simple guides to root your shield. Maybe you can share your guide for other.

    Ik heb hetzelfde op mijn Zero W. Ik heb hier even naar gekeken, alleen draait Hyperion zo stabiel dat het zeer weinig voor komt dat ik een herstart moet doen. En dan vind ik het geen probleem om de service handmatig op te starten. Mocht je een oplossing weten, feel free to share!