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    Hello guys,

    Good news to whom it may concern!

    So I bought the device I mentioned in my previous post (FeinTech VSP01204). I use current config now:

    AVR -> HDMI splitter

    • HDMI Out 1 to TV via 3m HDMI 2.0 cable

    • HDMI Out 2 to UTV007 via 1.8m HDMI 1.4 cable

    • no extra or external power supply is used, the power supply via HDMI is sufficient for the splitter (although an USB to 500mA Jack adapter is included in the package)

    Everything seems to work as expected. I'm able to use an HDCP 2.2 encrypted 2160p HDR stream (from Amazon Video via Fire TV Stick 4K). The device is able to forward the 2160p stream to the TV and downscaled to the UTV007 (see below).

    Photo from the TV (apologies for the bad quality):

    Screenshot from hyperion-v4l2:

    I'm very happy with the device and once I've fixed my LED stripes, I think this will be a perfect setup :)

    BR, r

    Hello guys, new hyperion lover here :)

    So I'm also one of those people who want an hdcp 2.2 encrypted 2160p picture on TV and still be able to feed the rpi with an 1080p source.
    My current setup: AVR with 2 HDMI outputs -> 1st output to 2160p capable TV & 2nd output to UTV007 (1b71:3002) -> rp0w. Since the AVR has no downscaler, simultaneous output of the picture downgrades both outputs to 1080p.

    My idea: I found this product on Amazon and think, it's worth a try. It seems to work without an external psu.

    Amazon UK:
    Amazon DE:

    BR, r