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    Hey. Thanks for looking into this, i really appreciate your help

    I just had another - this time longer - look in Remote control section and it behaves weirdly.

    After switching the HyperionScreenGrab off and on again it connects automatically, works fine and shows up in the UI:

    First and foremost - i have just noticed that every time i am trying to refresh the page (hitting Reload button or f5) Hyperion resets the source to system default - both in the UI and on LEDs. Im not even touching the computer with Hyperion here, just checking the web interface on a laptop:

    Now I am not even seeing a way of switching back to Flatbuffers, but HyperionScreenCap still running and grabbing the screen.

    Now lets stop and restart HyperionScreenCap again, it connects and Hyperion, selects it as a source automatically (same as on the first screenshot)

    Home Assistant is now showing that my Hyperion still has "Solid colour" source - it is not recognizing Flatbuffers as "Platform grabber" source.

    Previously i had some complex automations in Home Assistant which were switching on "warm light" background when i was sitting down on the sofa, then switching to GRABBER when i played a movie and after completing the movie - if it was dark outside - it was switching on the solid background again with full brightness so i can find my way to the bed. It was working perfectly fine before the update (maybe it wasnt Alpha 9 but Alpha 8 and i skipped a version?), but now doesnt work at all. I was also planning to add USB capture to my set up to use it with my consoles, but that doesnt make sense now if i cannot use API to switch inputs back and forth.


    First of all, it depends on which external application sends the data via protobuffer

    im using DirectX Hyperion Grabber with flatbuffers and Kodi plugin with protobuffers.


    Are you sure that the protobuffer port in your external application matches Hyperion

    Yes, and the capture DOES work. The problem is that i cannot choose it.


    Maybe something is wrong with the Hyperion HomeAssistant integration.

    Nothing has changed in my Home Assistant configuration. The integration does see the new sources as reported by Hyperion API, but choosing "Platform Capture" doesn't select the network grabber, and immediately before the update from Alpha 9 to Alpha 10, when i was selecting "GRABBER" it worked. Im not sure if "Platform capture" is the same thing as GRABBER was - seems that "Platform capture" means Screen capture as that is what shows up when i select it.

    It is not - in Source selection i can only see System - Effect: Trails color with priority 254 and grayed out "Source active" button (the default input) even when the Hyperion is showing up Flatbuffers.

    But my main worry is not being able to select those sources through API. Until Alpha 9 API was reporting "GRABBER" source which was working fine for Proto/Flat buffers. In Alpha 10 "GRABBER" was replaced with "Platform Capture" and "USB Capture" source but none of them seem to work for network sources.

    After upgrading to Alpha 10, my setup technically still works, but:

    1. I cannot find a way of choosing protobuffer input in the Hyperion web interface anymore

    2. I cannot change to protobuffer using the API (HomeAssistant integration - there used to be GRABBER input available in Alpha 9, but its gone in Alpha 10)

    Am i doing something wrong?

    Hi. Im using Home Assistant Hyperion integration to switch my LEDs to correct settings depending on the selected TV input.

    This was working fine with alpha 9, unfortunately, since alpha 10 update, the Hyperion modes reported via API were renamed, but most importantly the old mode GRABBER (as reported by Hyperion API i believe) has completely disappeared and was replaced by Platform Capture and USB capture modes - none of those works for my HTPC as it has HyperionScreenCap installed and connects to Hyperion server via network.

    Is there a workaround i could use?

    Im struggling with re-enabling the grabber - which one should i choose for HyperionScreenCap running on a remote computer?

    In screen capture i have got both Screen Capture and USB device disabled (as the explanation of neither of those options fits HyperionScreenCap), in Network Services, the Protocol Buffers Server is enabled but doesnt seem to work - whenever i start everything as ive been doing in the past, i am just seeing an effect running on Hyperion LEDs, no screen grab.

    Also, im using Home Assistant Hyperion plugin and it seems that the options have changed. Before i have been setting Hyperion mode to "GRABBER" to get the screen capture running, but now i can only see "Platform Capture" and "USB Capture" modes in Home Assistant, but again - none of them seems to work.

    Hey. Recently i have built a Hyperion backlight based on Arduino + APA102 and was planning to use it mainly with Windows/Kodi HTPC.
    Originally hooked up Arduino directly to Kodi machine, installed on it and after little bit tweaking (there was a delay) managed to get perfect results when watching movies on my HTPC.
    Unfortunately, this solution had a major issue - Hyperion was starting up every time HTPC was waking up from sleep and was not working every time HTPC was sleeping, so couldn't use it as a static backlight for watching TV.

    So instead, i have hooked up Kodi to a Raspberry Pi and thought i will be able to pass data to Hyperion over the network, but I've got issues with every solution i have tried.
    First one - DirectX grabber. There's a delay between the picture on the screen and backlight and i haven't found a way to tweak it. It looks like a same problem as i had with, but DX11 grabber doesnt support tweaking of some options. Also it doesnt start with Windows if explorer.exe is replaced with Kodi Launcher.
    Second one - Kodi addon. This one doesnt work at all for me. It wasn't updated in ages so I'm not even sure if it's compatible with latest versions of Kodi?
    Third one - Kodi Boblight plugin. This one is interesting, as i could switch Boblight on and off through Home Assistant. Unfortunately i find that there's something very off with Boblight algorithm and while it backlits the screen in roughly same colour as on screen, its not as precise as normal Hyperion grabbers.

    Are there other options or maybe I'm doing something wrong with the ones above?

    Nah, i changed both ino file and hyperion (otherwise it doesnt work at all), only left it as it was in Windows Device Manager, as this one cannot be changed to higher value. Maybe it will be better to create a new thread on software support forum

    Hi. I have adjusted baudrate to 1000000, unfortunately i am still feeling that there's a lag. Here's the video i made - ive got a feeling that the backlight has 1/4 second delay to the screen.

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    [edit] I have managed to get it working. Many thanks!
    My only problem is that in Windows, the max baud rate i can select (in "Device Manager" -> USB Serial device (COM3) -> Properties) is 115200 and im not sure if its only me, but Hyperion feels little bit laggy.

    Hi. Im trying to build a Hyperion setup.
    I have already got the following equipment:
    * A x86 Windows HTPC running Kodi
    * Arduino UNO v3
    * Rasperry Pi3
    * APA102 strip already placed behind the screen and with power connected.

    What are next steps? Firstly, do i need to use a RPi3 at all? Can Hyperion be installed directly on HTPC and use the Kodi plugin to control the strip through Arduino?
    Secondly, which pins on Arduino Uno i should use to connect LED strips and what firmware i should upload on Arduino

    Would it be possible to request support for other Zigbee devices. This could be achieved by talking to one of the popular Zigbee bridges like DeConz. DeCONZ can actually talk REST, so shouldnt be hard to achieve.