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    This should be fixed so easy. There are only a few posibilities. Check if:

    File exist in the same location how it is written in script.

    hyperiond has executable flag.

    When hyperiond exists, but not executable you get file not found message

    implemention or other details not defined yet.
    I can imagine that audio data is available in effects and there you can implement sound to light.

    no, not yet. we are currently making next generation hyperion with lot's of reworks, refactoring and cleanups ... audio stuff will be targeted afterwards ... no clue when this will be

    music: not yet, see

    video: not sure what you mean, but we have standalone video grabber apps for various platforms/purposes. currently supported: x11, framebuffer, osx, videocore/dispmanx, v4l, amlogic and experimental windows directx.
    You can send video from standalone grabber to hyperion deamon

    If you want that a specific application stream the video content - then you on your own. This must be implemented in the application itself. (in kodi we use the plugin for that). We use google protobuffer as transport layer. See hyperion source if you need the message description.

    To complex, a god solution is already suggested some post before.

    'we can define an area where the threshold is applied. Then you can define the area for a blue stripe and this will be used for detection'

    After using the forum from my android phone this week more frequent, one thing tiny thing annoys me more and more.

    I had navigation keys on my osd keyboard. (AnySofttYkeyboard).
    I use the keys to navigate through the text. Sadly they are block by hyperion forum wysiwyg editor. Thatswhy I often write from github app where the keys work and not in the forum.
    Would be nice if the cursor keys could be unblocked ...

    Schau mal mit z.b. nmap ob die ports 19444 und 19445 auf localhost offen sind. (Z.b. mit nmap). Es kann offensichtlich nicht suf die von hyperiond geöffneten ports geschrieben werden.
    Vielleicht firewall oder so? Oder hat der user in dem hyperion-x11 läuft zu wenig rechte? (Ggf irgendwelche gruppen zugehörigkeit fehlt)

    Da json und proto server davon betroffen sind muss das irgendwas außerhalb von hyperion sein. Versuch mal hyperion-x11 -a deineIP:19445
    Also nich sondern 192.168.x.y ...

    Schau mal ob die baudrate zwischen config und sketch passt. Ich empfehle den wert 115200.

    Da rx leuchtet und der selbsttest funzt, sind deine leds richtig angeschlossen und hyperion sendet auf dem richtigen port. Tx muss aus sein, da der arduino nix sendet.
    Der wert für delayAfterConnect hilft auch oft. Setze den mal auf 1000.

    The setting 'temperature' is missleading. This is just a linear mapping of rgb values. E.g if you set blue to 50 it means your incomming blue values with a range of 0-255 will be mapped to 0-50. This reduces the color dynamics to much!
    Setting rgb adjustment values makes just the same (but adjustment has more options to play with)

    Do not use rgb correction and temperature together.

    If you have such big difference between rgb values then you get problems. Try some values like 255 225 200 and give up the hope to make it perfect. (Or buy better stripes like apa102) cheap ws2801 often report such probs ...

    Aml support in current hyperion is not the best. Please add
    "priority" : 899
    To aml grabber config section.
    This value must be lower then the value in framegrabber. If no value is written in config then 900 is set.

    Spoiler: next major release of hyperion will make that better ...

    You can leave framegrabber in config, when you add "priority" : 889 to amlgrabber section. If you not set the value, default is taken. This is 900. The 'framegrabber' (means the framebuffer grabber) have a value of 890 in your case, this will hide the aml grabber. The aml prio should be smaller the then framegrabber prio.
    Then grabbing in menu and grabbing in movies without hw decoding support should work.

    Btw: when run hyperion without leddevice (as forwarder) set leddevice to type file and output to /dev/null to avoid problems

    Another thing: when forwarder is used, protoserver must be enabled. To avoid problems, always activate proto and json servers on every hyperion instance. But think about the ports and avoid using the same on the same host.

    The connect error in one of the logs above is a result of not configured protoserver.

    Take audio from grabber is just recording from an alsa device. So we have the problems described. It is possible to tinker with rpi gpio or arduino to detect active sound, but this solution is not the best.

    Audio capture is not so easy, because we have no reliable always available api in linux. There is alsa, jack and pulseaudio. We have to implement all of them to get this feature work everywhere. Then comes next prob, hyperion is often used on raspi and there is no audio in (extra hardware is needes).
    I'm sure we will integrate audio in feature, because its needed for audio to lights ....