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    So this is my current setup, I'm still working on getting the colors and delay, decay, etc. settings to be better but for now this is it.

    And my mobile phone camera sucks.

    Anyways this is the result for now:

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    My setup is:

    BenQ TK700STi set to 4k@60Hz

    130" homemade projection screen (that's why it's a little crooked ;))

    2 sets of WS2812B USB Led Strip Licht 5050 RGB 5 meter cut down to fit the frame, it's 272 LED total (87 horizontal and 49 vertical x 2)

    Running Hyperion.NG 2.0.13 on my Windows 11 PC

    I've found my error... a stupid error ofcourse but i want to share it anyway to maybe solve somebody else's issue.
    The problem was not the capture device... in the wepapp if you don't fill in anything it captures the screen...
    The mistake i made was connecting the LEDstrips via USB and not changing the port settings baud rate, it was set to it's default of 9000 bit/s and the software was trying to sent 100000 bit/s to it...

    it works now...
    for me the tread can be closed as solved


    I just downloaded the windows software for Hyperion from…alpha.6-Windows-AMD64.exe
    I have 1 issue left (i hope), when configuring i'm using the following hardware/software:

    Windows 10
    The above mentioned software of hyperion (i did update it to alpha 7)
    WS2812B USB Led Strip 5050 Dream Color Ambilight Kit which i bought here:…042311.0.0.23154c4do0QIWo

    I use the LED strips direct via USB on my desktop PC and configured the software to use as output path COM3.
    They light up for a few second when i save, so i guess that works.

    The issue that i'm having is that i need to configure the capture hardware part.
    It now says Device: /dev/fb0 which will work in Linux but not on Windows.
    What do i need to use as device to let it capture on of my monitors in Windows.
    The explanation on the side also talks about a display option but i don't have that one (yet).

    If screenshots or logs are needed i'll happily supply those.

    TLDR ?
    I need the equivalent of /dev/fb0 for Windows so i can configure the capture device to one of my monitors