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    I've begun working on this.

    I'm aiming to get the audio from the Composite->USB capture device most people already have:…tle_o01_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1
    I can grab audio from it using Audacity on my RPi4 so I'm going to look at how that is accomplished.

    Wanting to use the exact effects from Vu Meter. Essentially porting the code to fit Hyperion.

    I'm a Java/C# software engineer so this isn't my usual, my C++ is sloppy and my understanding of the web interface Hyperion NG uses is rudimentary.

    If anyone has insight please share, I'd like info on how most of the other developers here configure their build environment for rapid testing etc. Going to continue reading over the forums, thanks! :)

    Excellent little guide, I meant to comment on this literally hours after you posted it but my account was too new to reply and this forum doesn't provide a clear way of knowing when a new account can post, unless I missed that?

    I followed your instructions and now have Hyperion running on a Raspberry Pi 4 v1.2 using WS2815 strips. I am grabbing the HDMI signal from my Onkyo TX-RZ3100 using the Zone 2 output.

    To use my RPI4 v1.2 with ws281x I had to update what Hyperion uses to include the latest version of this file:

    Here is a video showing my results:

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    I've since hidden my cables, I am using 3-conductor wire in the wall connected to a 3-pin DMX wall plate behind the TV and behind the entertainment center for easy connect/disconnect.