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    Hi there I have seen a LED back light kit from Govee that uses a camera and a small box to control the back lights, Can Hyperion use USB cameras for a similar pupose instead of using hdmi video grappers

    Hi there

    I am looking at using Hyperion to build my own DIY Ambi light, however i only have one HDMI feed which is my PS4 everything else is though build in apps on my smart TV, YouTube, Netflix Amazon Prime. Plex, TV apps and normal terrestrial Tv etc.

    My query has 2 parts or questions if you like.

    1) Is there a Webos/andriod app that i can install on my tv that negates the need for video capture card bit like the ambilight app.

    2) Like which uses a camera to scan you tv/monitor screen to that then links to the led strip, does Hyperion support USB camera as a source etc.