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    @Jake Ladley I dont want to hijack the thread so short answers for your question: Windows build is only an option included lately, for me and some users as an alternative. The fork was started and optimized for Rpi and using multithreading to enable tone mapping processing. I'm using ezcap 269 but had some feedback that it work for many modern HDMI grabbers for example MacroSilicon MS2109 clones.

    And back to the subject: dont give up on the grabber before you can exclude software or some settings. Even cheap MS2109 has a lag only about ~100ms.

    Hey Awawa,
    I have installed your version of Hyperion on my Pi now, and the USB grabber picture looks great with HDR enabled!
    However, my problem now is that the Pi now won't talk to/control the WLED over wifi. All the settings are the same as the last build, including IP, port etc but now it doesn't work at all which I am confused about.
    Any suggestions?

    @Davy For lag testing on HDR content here you have one:
    and grabber is set to much higher resolution then in samples from this post without any decimation. And yes, resolution does matter for the quality.

    This looks great!
    What USB grabber do I need to buy? So this is including HDR?
    I looked at your thread, and I don't want to use a windows build. I am running everything on a raspberry pi and have my xbox running through a HDMI splitter/down scaler.
    The solution works that @Vassilli recommended with the second Xolorspace splitter as this strips the HDR content, but i am currently converting HDMI to RGB then into a RGB usb capture card but the quality is really low.
    I bought a USB grabber today, and tried it but there is a lag between the video and LEDs, so I am sending this back.

    I just need a good USB HDMI grabber, and maybe i can skip buying the second Xolorspace splitter if your software supports HDR?

    Yes, I had the same issue. Sometimes the leds were blinking and other ones they were showing wrong colors (green).

    I ordered one, and I THINK it is working, but my picture is really bad in hyperion so the colours aren't great.
    Does you live image look like this?

    I am using HDMI to RGB rather than the USB hdmi device. I may need to get one of them and not use the RGS converter

    To be honest I don't know exactly how it works but yes, it converts the HDR signal to nonHDR but only when you have 1 signal in and 1 signal out (that's why I have both splitters). I needn't to adjust anything on hyperion.

    For example in the PS4 when you are in the menus, the picture is 4K only. Then you when you enter into a HDR game, the feature is autimatically activated. When this happens the signal goes out during 1-2s and then it comes back working perfect. If needed I can try to upload a video to show how it works.

    Ok thanks for the information, I may order one.
    The current problem I have is the colours on the ambilight leds turn green when I HDR activated, when its off it works perfect.
    I hope this will solve the issue?

    So the Xolorspace strips the HDR metadata? This works the same as the HDfury? I am looking for a solution like this.