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    Could you already fix your issues and how?
    I'm looking for a new LED strip and want to know if this strip is good enough.

    I finally went for a different solution using esp8266 solution as I have a camera as a grabber, but then I experimented with SK6812 and RPi4 setup my problem was that I was using that level shifter. Without it, all seems to be working fine. All LEDs are changing colour. The only problem that I had was that sometimes when playing with a config I needed to switch off the led device in the Hyperion settings to force its re-initialization. After doing it it was all fine.

    It might be that I do not know how to use it, or that it does not work. The amount of information about how to use it is sparse and I might be missing something. I have testes this on Alpha 8 & 9 versions.
    What I have is:

    Server RPi4 with Hyperion NG Alpha 9 ( that is driving the LEDs with following config:

    • JSON Server on port 19444
    • Flatbuffers Server on port 19400, timeout 60s
    • Protocol Buffers Server on port 19445, timeout 60s
    • Forwarder is disabled

    Grabber RPi3 with Hyperion NG Alpha 9 ( that is capturing an image from RPI camera that I want to forward to server with the following config:

    • Flatbuffers Server is disabled
    • Protocol Buffers Server is disabled
    • Protocol Buffers Server is disabled

    • Forwarder

      • JSON clients
      • Flatbuffer clients

    In the logs there is nothing that would suggest that the grabber instance connected to the server.
    On the grabber there is a note that the service is starting:

    but there is nothing on the server side to suggest that the connection came thru.
    The netstat on the grabber shows this: is IP on my desktop from which I access them.

    Any suggestions what I missed or is it a genuine bug?

    Thx for the tip it fixed the issue with the full white led strip. Now I only have the following issues:

    • first led is always on and is not possible to change its color - always green (tested on alpha 8 & 9)
    • leads blink with full brightness from time to time, once every couple of seconds

    Had you had any of those issues?

    I have the SK6812 RGBNW and after connecting them to pin 19 - GPIO 10 ( it seems to be working fine, but I have couple of issues:

    • first led is always the same colour and is not changing with the rest
    • the config is a bit flaky and sometimes I need to switch to a different LED chip and back to make it work (I use ws2812spi)
    • in case of RPi3 and RPi4 I think you need a level shifter 3.3v to 5v - in my case it was blinking like crazy and was not useful
    • even with a level shifter, I have occasional blinking of the LEDs that I do not know what might be a reason for (maybe my soldering, but I doubt it)

    This was tested on version alpha 8 & 9 so should not be a software issue.

    I have RPI 4 with latest RaspberryOS and HassOS 5.3 (Home Assistant) distros installed on two sd cards.
    I want to run from the Docker container. I used different docker images on and different network settings to start the container (host, bridge. etc.) but always have the same issue: I can't connect to the JSONSERVER or PROTOSERVER. From the config, debug and netstat perspective it looks OK but for some reason, it is not working.

    Hyperion debug:

    Netstat on host (HassOS):

    Neststat on container: - is my pc from which I access GUI on 8090 - is a host IP

    When I test the ports via telnet `$ telnet 19445` is seems to be working fine, but then I try to access it via android phone using official Hyperion App or Android grabber I receive an error message.

    What am I missing here?


    I'm trying to set up with an RPi camera that I want to position very close to the TV. All seems to be working fine OOTB latest 2.0.0-alpha.8 version. The only issue I have is the distortion because of the ultra-wide fisheye lens. I tried to correct it using v4l2loopback and ffmpeg as suggested here:…on.2615/page-5#post-24418
    but with no luck. Even if I create a /dev/video1 stream I cannot successfully switch hyperion to use it.
    After running this command:
    ffmpeg -re -i /dev/video0 -vf "perspective=382:127:1563:91:387:761:1495:986" -map 0:v -f v4l2 /dev/video1
    I receive this error:
    hyperiond V4L2:/DEV/VI : <ERROR> Throws error nr: VIDIOC_G_FMT error code 22, Invalid argument

    Any suggestions on how that can be done efficiently?

    I have found that when only one color is shining there is no chirping sound, but when it is while then it happens. My power brick is providing 5V 3A - according to settings on the max power is estimated to be 3.3 A so this might be the issue.

    Yes, the brighter they shine the more sound they make.
    I also just noticed that the metal bezel on TV is under power, as it gives you that tingling sensation when touched. Maybe it does induct secondary signal in the LEDs as it is close by. What is even more mysterious is that even if I disconnect TV from power I still have it but slightly weaker. I also disconnected WiFi router next to it, and the LED strip and it still is there. I will try to see what can be inducting that current.