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    Thanks to a bit of trial and error, some unnecessary purchases, and a bunch of people who are way smarter than I am, I have a working setup. It's really great and was well worth the effort. I have just two questions that are somewhat related.

    I noticed in the software that there's a section in the Image Processing page that talks about profiles. I can add profiles but can't figure out how to dynamically switch between them. Anyone know how this is done?

    Also, when viewing HDR content the captured video is way off in color. I'm trying to fix that issue with a different profile. I figured out that by adjusting the gamma settings I was able to get pretty close to accurate LED colors. I just need to know how to switch the profiles.

    The bigger problem is that it doesn't look like I can pass a 4K HDR signal to the grabber (it just displays the bar pattern), and the splitter I'm using (link) cannot down-convert an HDR signal to a standard signal without completely washing the image out. Any thoughts on how to make this setup work with HDR?

    I'm pretty new to this whole setup since I just finished my installation last week. I'm going through a downscaling HDMI splitter and then sending the 1080p side to an HDMI2AV unit and then to a USB 2 AV capture device. It works great except for the HDR colors being way off. I was able to get reasonably close to accurate by altering the gamma settings in the image processing section. Unfortunately, auto switching between profiles when using HDR content doesn't appear to be something I can automate. Also, I have no idea how to save and switch between multiple profiles since I'm still completely new to all this stuff.