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    @Awawa when I checked your post in the past I understood that to change from SDR to HDR you had two different configs. Is it right or it automatically changes depending on the input?

    My screen also looks very low res on hyperion (not as much as yours) but for the ambilight is enough because it makes an average of colors in a certain area.

    Just check if your ambilight is showing the right colors otherwise you can change the capture parameters (pal to ntsc or viceversa)

    Ok thanks for the information, I may order one.
    The current problem I have is the colours on the ambilight leds turn green when I HDR activated, when its off it works perfect.
    I hope this will solve the issue?

    Yes, I had the same issue. Sometimes the leds were blinking and other ones they were showing wrong colors (green).

    To be honest I don't know exactly how it works but yes, it converts the HDR signal to nonHDR but only when you have 1 signal in and 1 signal out (that's why I have both splitters). I needn't to adjust anything on hyperion.

    For example in the PS4 when you are in the menus, the picture is 4K only. Then you when you enter into a HDR game, the feature is autimatically activated. When this happens the signal goes out during 1-2s and then it comes back working perfect. If needed I can try to upload a video to show how it works.


    Despite I've been reading all of you and learning as much as possible, I've never posted so this is my first time!

    I bought 2 years ago an ambilight system in Aliexpress. It has a rasp, hd capture and arduino (wifi led strip controller). The system works perfect BUT when I activated HDR flickering or wrong colors appeared. Trying to find a solution is how I met this forum. Finally I've found a cheap solution (70€) which is much less than a HDFury.

    I have bought a splitter called S104 from Xolorspace. The thing is that if you connect the ps4 as input in HDR and the TV and the capture as output it sends HDR everywhere so the system is not working. The only way to downscale from HDR to nonHDR is having a HDR input and only 1 nonHDR output. According tothis, now I run my ambilight system with 2 splitters. The first one has HDR input and as output the TV + S104 splitter. Then on the S104 I only connect the HD capture from the ambilight. Now everything works perfecr! I can display the ps4 HDR content and enjoy it with the ambilight.

    I hope that it helps to the ones trying to find a cheap solution. Thank you very much for your efforts on working with this amazing solution!