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    I stuffed the absolute maximum amount of leds on the tv. Using some Ws2812b 5v LEDS. They are what i've always used.
    I noticed with this grabber the colors are more defined/lively, i thought they looked kinda dull on previous setup, tried a heap of converters, splitters, cables and connecting in different ways. It looks "allrite" without even tuning the colors or anything yet. Will it be possible to do the black bar detection in the grabber and crop the image accordingly or is this putting the cart before the horse?

    This is on a 65 inch tv, 264 LED setup. Dont know if that is considered a "lot of" LEDs in this context?

    Been watching a movie and some stuff now, works without a hitch so far. Really dependable compared to a splitter/grabber setup i used to run.

    I've built a new led setup now and gotten it all working. Seems very good so far, not a hell of a long running time yet but no issues. Is the amount of leds in the setup any important?Seeing as i've got it all set up in hyperion?
    This is a shield tv, raspberry pi and a Arduino build.

    Congratulations on the release. Not tested yet. However i cant seem to find it in play store on android nor android tv. This may be some localization issue (i can install apk. No problem) just curious on why its not showing up. This would be Norweigan play store i guess. I have never been much impressed with the contents of the play store on my shield for the record.

    Hello, i've been watching this developement for some time. I'm not much good with code so not much usefull in the ways of contributing to the project in that way, however i would be willing to build a system for testing/debug and such. If this is needed. How is develeopment going? I cant wait to toss all my splitters and converters in the trash really :)

    I've been fiddling with a setup myself, and naturally i'm at the same crossroads. My friend uses this one:…9f-48ce-9ace-4aa77d9d6f15

    He says it works for 4k/30hz at least, i have tested another one from "Xftimes" can find it on ebay and amazon and the likes, not really any good sucess with it.
    Also finding a good splitter is an issue, i've tested a couple. Problem with ali express stuff is that its usually hmdi 1.4 and not 4k compatible

    I guess the route with the 4k->1080 converter and then 1080 to RCA is the simplest, you wouldnt really lose anything since the grabber itself has so low resolution anyways. Also there are problems if you use refresh rate changer in kodi for example. If you are like me and obsessed with stutter free playback :)

    Also we are testing with this switch at the moment, jury is still out on it.
    RobotSky HDMI 2.0 Splitter 4K 1X2 2160P 1 IN 2 Out HDMI Splitter Switcher With EDID RS232 HDCP Support IR Extender For HDTV DVD
    (from AliExpress Android)

    I have been looking a fair bit for this as well. Most stuff on Aliexpress is either Stoneage HDMI 1.4 or just lying about not being it. The capture card normally used is normally not very high res anyways. so i've been toying with the idea of using some other device before the RCA converter that is 4k 60hz at one end and 1080 or less in the other end. Partly because my HDMI switch is stupid and will display 1080 at both ports if one 1080 soruce is introduced. I have ordered the HDMI splitter you posted earlier, it seems promising for this application.

    It seems in the world beyond hyperion there is not much demand for highend HDMI to RCA converters, guessing its not a really big seller :p

    Yes this is the big issue, the HDMI to RCA converters. I have tried a couple from ali and the likes and its not been wildly sucessful.

    I have one on order now:
    SSRIVER 4K HD Video Converter HDMI to RCA AV/CVSB L/R Video 480P 720P 1080P 2160P HDMI2AV Support NTSC PAL HDMI TO AV Adapter
    (from AliExpress Android)

    My friend has this one, it only gives 4k 30hz though. I have the HDMI splitter in the original post and it behaves like described. If 1 1080 source is introduced it will display 1080 on all outputs.

    This one:
    XF TIMES Composite Converter Nintendo
    ... is a total waste of time and does not do as described, no 4k.

    I have a small test setup going before i move it to my 65" tv.
    It's basicually 5 strands of WS2812b's on my pc monitor. The system works, however, when i move a white window to the left side the correct leds on the right side lights up and vise versa. So i figured it was a CW/CCW settings problem, however this doesnt solve the issue and i kinda stuck at figuring out what could be causing this. My computer has a dual monitor setup with 2x27" monitors. I thought maybe some evil magic could be going on with this and tried to disconnect a monitor just to test, no change. Please see enclosed images and config files.

    I've uploaded 2 config files, with the led set up for counter clockwise orientation as it should be per my setup and also i tried switcing it up and doing a config for clockwise in case some mirrored voodo was the reason, however this makes no difference.

    The picture with the red green blue image would lead one to belive that the RGB / GRB etc settings were wrong, however they are not.

    As you can see when i move a white window to the left or right side of the screen the oposite side of the screen ligths up and i cant for the life of me figure out what causes it. I used a fresh raspberry pi raspian install and from all i know the setup is "clean" in every way.

    I've stopped hyperion, deleted config, deleted hypercon.dat files and basicually a fresh setup for every attempt.
    Top and bottom is working correct, so its only left right sides that are swapped.

    Does anyone have a clue whats going on?

    I figured out why the kodi checker wasnt connecting. Remote control wasnt enabled. However, even with it connecting and me specifying that i want light effect in menu, screensaver, pictures, video. It only works when playing a movie/video/tv, never in screensaver, menu or pictures. its impossible to calibrate colors properly if i cant get the light effect when viewing pictures. I wounder if this is a shield issue or android quirkiness, or if hyperion is misconfigured.

    Yes the RPI is driving the leds directly. I mostly made the setup from reading the brilliant hyperion wiki here. Was not all that complex, and it seems the rpi can actually drive the ws2812b leds with the correct driver in hyperion config. Then its just a matter of using the hyperion kodi addon and it all worked. I still have some minor tuning/calibration to do. Also you have to disable the hardware accelration (surface) on the shield. I can give further details if needed :)

    I tried enabling those options when i built the first config, however i got some error message that the kodi checker failed connecting to kodi. And hyperion would fail at starting all together. I read the wiki all through and on the page dealing with the external tab it says:

    "The Kodi Checker make it possible that you could enable and disable your ambilight depending on Kodi state.
    HINT: If you want an ambilight which is enabled the whole time, you could disable the kodi checker!"

    So i disabled it all together, i dont know exactly how it connects to kodi, if theres another plugin or if I misconfigured the kodi checker. The box that drives hyperion is a Raspberry pi 2, and the kodi box is a Shield. Dont think the shield has a firewall or anything but the kodi checker would not connect.

    My first implementation of hyperion is getting to its finishing stages.

    Got it working with my shield as source and its all looking good.

    However i only get the light effect when playing videos, watching tv and such. It doesnt work in menus, screensaver etc. Is there anything special i have to put on config to get this working. Is it expected to work in android? Shield namely.

    i'm new here, i got started on my quest to build a light system when i sold my beloved Philips TV with ambilight for a Samsung 4k that was very lacking in this department. I've been fiddling for a good week or so with different howtos and whatnot. After a lot of trouble and some dabbling with boblight that i got to work 100% for windows (i have a nVidia shield as my "HTPC" and boblight doenst work all that well on it) i got into hyperion. I gotta say i'm over the moon. Got it working with not a lot of trouble.

    Got a 269 LED system based on WS2812b leds, and by miracle the RPI2 can actully drive them.

    Anyhow, i will at some time rebuild the system to be HDMI based and refine it. When i searched around for parts i came across this splitter. From the minimal testing i have done with it it seems to be 100% what it says.

    4k, HDCP 2.2, HDR, HDMI 2.0 (not 2.0a). The price seems very good for such a splitter so I thought I'd tip you fine gentlemen about it.…2-1-in-2/32694337706.html