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    it seems you are missing common GND

    lay a wire ( -) from your barrel connector that's connected to the LED's to a GND PIN of the Raspi, any ground PIN will do ( if you can do 2 ground PIN even better)

    Ground at Raspberry Pi GPIO Pinout

    also increase LED settings Connection Attempts to the default of 12

    Use GPIO10 for SPI ( hardware PIN 19)

    second of all, if possible solder all connections

    - power from both sides GND separate and +5 volts separate on begin and end of ledstrip ( if possible in your setup)

    - increase the PSU +5volts to +5.3 volts

    - loose the barrelconnector and use Wago's or anything thats not causing resistance like soldering on your PIN's directly, those jumpercables are known to mallfunction ( having resistance) on data PIN ALOT!


    no, execute them in the terminal or SSH with program Putty >> port 22

    if the device (vendor) is visble then you can see the device as MAC adres, first 6 digits is the vendor of the device. if not shown at all then the device is not recognized by the OS of the Raspi. This problem can be that Raspi is not powerfull enough in power/data to engage the Grabber because its 3.0 USB protocol and Raspi wants to run only 2.0 USB.


    i would recommend writing a new image of Hyperbian version 2.013 >> do NOT format the SD card but write it on empty volume!


    okay, i am running a Raspi 3b and Hyperbian version 2.013 and never had a problem.

    i use a external grabber 2.0 USB ( coffee black) on USB port 2.0

    i think your problems come from the fact that external grabber 3.0 doesn't run well on 2.0 USB port.

    see this article:…-are-on-the-raspberry-pi/

    2022-09-14T23:13:03.736Z [V4L2] (ERROR) Frame too small: 0 != 614400
    2022-09-14T23:13:03.749Z [V4L2] (ERROR) Throws error nr: VIDIOC_QBUF error code 19, No such device

    means: its not receiving frames from the USBdevice, raspi is not recognizing the device.

    you can also determen that with this code:




    this should help if you are lucky and tried everything else

    try the last post that I posted there.

    and increase USB power with a extra line in


    In config.txt add a line

    max_usb_current = 1 

    and reboot with sudo reboot Try also to increase PI power onto 5.3 volts, if PI runs to low on voltage then USB port power is even lower then 600ma, so maybe only 4.8 volts and 400ma max Measure the power to the PI WITH load

    increase Raspberry Pi USB current limit - KaliTut
    how to increase Raspberry Pi USB current limit USB devices are powered almost without exception via the USB to whose host they are connected.

    This makes me feel much more confident about it being the lights itself

    it seems like it.

    you have only 1 option left: run with SPI > but to be honest i don't think it would matter much.

    before you send back the ledstrip you can try a levelshifter on SPI or PWM

    PWM on 5V GPIO pin
    I have a 12V Noctua industrial fan (it's for a project, the amount of airflow is needed). The fan doesn't turn on by itself (with only 12V and GND connected),…

    I believe I've done this with a jumper directly from the PSU negative port, to Rpi ground pin. In the negative PSU, I also had the two white ground wires from beginning and end of LED strip.

    that's good, but> use at least two GND PIN of the Raspi, sometimes one GND PIN isn't enough

    Ground at Raspberry Pi GPIO Pinout


    1. 2022-09-10T19:12:15.730Z [LEDDEVICE|First LED Hardware instance] (INFO) LedDevice 'ws281x' enabled

    means everything is running like it should, i think ( believe) your problem lays in hardware.

    It can be the ledstrip that's faulty or connections>> or you need a levelshifter to boost up your dataline from GPIO18

    i have to say, most members don't need that shifter.

    you can crank up the voltage to 5.3 volts on the Raspi and ledstrip. Sometimes thats just enough to get the stuff rollin..

    Thanks again for the help by the way. I've certainly gotten myself in over my head

    my first Hyperion experience took me almost a week to get running that was with the old Hypercon :)

    no problem, i love to help ;)

    important: u have to use a common GND when using two separate PSU for ledstrip and Raspi

    Power begin and end.

    Check settings of ledcontroller




    turn whites off. >> (V) deselect

    If that doesn't work, try to skip first leds and start there with power and Dataline, maybe first o e is faulty >> they are daisy chained

    especially with no errors in the log.

    Look at remote section in Hyperion.NG, leddriver should run

    log in as Expert user on WebUI and go to


    Select Debug and reboot

    After that go back to that section and copy paste Debuglog with pastebin into the forum

    or you are having badluck and need a levelshifter to increase voltage on Dataline

    What is WS2812b LED and how to use WS2812b LED
    WS2812 LED also called WS2812b LED, wiring diagram, programming with Adafruit, Arduino and Raspberry PI, products and applications.

    and last thing: make sure you are running under root. Raspi has to run root acces to be able to use PWM

    use this code in terminal:

    sudo updateHyperionUser -u root

    last thing what comes to mind, besides the capturing is working/or not properly or turned off.

    at least when everything connected well together and programmed, the start up effect should at least be working.


    if its not you can be sure: something is not correct or faulty in the hardware OR something happened in installation Hyperion image or corrupted installation.

    some members have sometimes a hardtime to powerup PWM0 GPIO with any given ledstrip.

    You can also use SPI on this ledstrip ( if its really impossible to run the ledstrip with PWM)

    then select SPI ledcontroller


    GPIO10 ( hardware PIN 19)

    baudrate 3000000 baud (default or higher)

    dont forget ( most times its activated)



    yes, android Grabber (trough PROTO buffer) works.

    But: Amazon video and Disney+ Netflix etc don't work,

    Second: very poor image and FPS

    For the nicest results I would recommend the HDMI route

    Second Android grabber and thirth the camera 📷 route.

    With last mentioned you'll evade every DRM or HDCP problem, drawback is quality 👌