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    It might be that the Rpi is not providing enough power from the usb port and the usb video capture is rebooting. And when it reboots it get's a increment of +1 to the video device.

    Try using a powered usb hub between the Rpi and usb video capture.

    Hope it's of help.

    Some things I do to test.

    Shorten the wire for DI and CI that attach to pin 19 and 23, respectfully. 20cm -/+. Just for testing. Very long wires should use a level shifter.

    Cut the first led on the strip off. It's possible that it's damaged. However I would keep it and use it to test a short wire scenario with it first. And it's easier to work with a small setup at first, till thing work. Or if you know your setup is not using the entire strip. You can cut off 3-4 led's for test purposes.

    Any more pictures of you setup/wiring?
    Someone once said "A picture is worth many words."

    Hope it's helpful.

    Just checking if you have enabled the SPI bus on the Rpi? You did not mention enabling it.



    The SPI master driver is disabled by default on Raspbian. 
    To enable it, use raspi-config, or ensure the line dtparam=spi=on isn't commented out in /boot/config.txt, and reboot.
    If the SPI driver was loaded, you should see the device /dev/spidev0.0.


    Hope it's of help.

    I hand edit the "hyperion.confg.json" for situations like this.

    If you look through the config file you'll notice the led count/index, like this:

    You well need to remove the config lines for the unneeded lights.
    Between the index lines 61 and 121:


                "index" : 61,
                "hscan" : { "minimum" : 0.***, "maximum" : 0.*** },
                "vscan" : { "minimum" : 0.***, "maximum" : *.0000 }

    And the last configured led line:

                "index" : 121,
                "hscan" : { "minimum" : 0.***, "maximum" : *.0000 },
                "vscan" : { "minimum" : 0.0000, "maximum" : 0.****}

    Just note how the index is formatted and remove the unneeded leds.
    Notice the lack of a semicolon on the last indexed led line.

    Hope I make sense.
    And I hope it's of help.

    Assuming the led strip starts on the lower right, (looking at the front of the tv). The "1st LED offset" should be -104, or -103.

    That will line up the leds with the picture.

    Hope it's of help.

    I always have had bad luck and problems with those connectors. They do not grip the strip very well.

    How's your soldering skills?

    Soldering the corners. That would be the best.
    Then you can easily add power to the corners as well. If needed.

    Lots of possible causes for flickering.

    Long data wires between controller and led's, the shorter the wire the stronger the signal will be and less possibility picking up electrical interference.

    Employing the use of a level shifter to bump up the data voltage could work very well with long runs of led's. Shorter runs can work well without.

    That's my top picks for any type of flickering.
    Search for flicker/ing, some posts will contain more info.

    Hope it's of help.

    You can splice the strip.
    Just need to pay attention to the strips direction. As shown by the arrows printed on the strip.
    The led's renumber their self if more leds are added.

    Hope its of help.

    I have found that restarting the Hyperion service, the Led's will do a yellow spiral and then turn off.

    You sure it spirals? and not blink ? the Arduino sketch should have a short blink effect with a warm white light upon powering the Arduino and led's.

    Also in your Hyperion config you have no booteffect.

    Try this:
    In the config replace:



        "bootsequence" :
            "color" : [0,0,0],
            "effect" : "Rainbow swirl fast",
            "duration_ms" : 9100,
            "priority" : 700

    Then upon boot up of Hyperion is the boot effect seen?

    You are using the sketch form here, Yes?:…firmware/arduino/adalight

    If not please do. it could help.

    Hope its of help.

    Is there a log from Hyperion from after trying the service start up?
    Can you post the log?
    It seems as if Hyperion is having a problem that the log may have an answer for.