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Adding support for Vero 4K

Discussion in 'Development' started by samnazarko, 8 March 2017.

  1. samnazarko

    samnazarko New Member


    We've received a couple of requests to add support for Vero 4K, an AMLogic based device. I've dug in to the install_hyperion script, and can see that we need to add a CPU check:

    CPU_VERO4K=`grep -m1 -c Vero4K /proc/cpuinfo`

    And change

    if [ $CPU_RPI -ne 1 ] && [ $CPU_IMX6 -ne 1 ] && [ $CPU_WETEK -ne 1 ] && [ $CPU_X32X64 -ne 1 ]; then


    if [ $CPU_RPI -ne 1 ] && [ $CPU_IMX6 -ne 1 ] && [ $CPU_WETEK -ne 1 ] && [ $CPU_X32X64 -ne 1 ] && [ $CPU_VERO4K -ne 1 ]; then

    I see that the script then fetches a tarball from SourceForge. I couldn't find an appropriate way to generate a tarball. I suspect it will be similar to the WeTek one as they are both AML based devices?.

    Vero 4K has an ARMv7 userland (and 64-bit AArch64 kernel).

    Can you give us some pointers to add support for this new device?