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Bug in Hypercon.jar about color setup ?

Discussion in 'Bug Reports' started by fabd, 1 September 2016.

  1. fabd

    fabd New Member


    I've spent about an hour to calibrate my led with my laptop on the couch, the setup was finished, with good result, and then, i decided to save and upload data to the remote json file.

    I see that the file has been uploaded (i renamed the setup name) but all color information where set to default.

    I wanted to reapply the color, and deploy the default drop down list and then all input box disappeared with no way to reopen.

    I had to quit, and when i load the last .DAT file, value where set to default.

    I wanted to add a transform color template, but boxe "add" is greyed out

    Can anyone tell's me what i'm wrong or if there is a bug ?
  2. steffp

    steffp New Member

    i had the same problem, using windows 10 tablet.
    Some settings were saved in .json file some settings not (for example color settings).
    When i reopen the HyperCon tool this settings were again on default value.
    I solved this problem for me with settings of the HyperCon.jar file. With right click properties on
    the file name and then a checkbox with "security" setting (file from other pc bla bla...) or something.
    Now all values are saved correct.