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RPi + OpenELEC Compatibility Success Discussion

Discussion in 'Hardware Support' started by nach00, 22 September 2018.

  1. nach00

    nach00 New Member

    RPi1/Zero, RPi2, RPi3, +Arduino, +PhilipsHue

    Can everyone who has successfully finished the project please post their configurations?

    So far, I have ONLY been able to complete the project with:

    - Raspberry Pi 2
    - OpenELEC (latest version)
    - Latest version of Hyperion

    I have tried the following with NO success
    - RPi3B+ with Libreelec
    - RPi Zero W with OpenElec (RPi1)
    - RPi Model B+ (original Pi, version 1)

    I've seen other posts with working configs, but I cannot get the lights to change with ANY of the other Pis BESIDES Raspberry Pi 2

    If you got the projects working with another Pi, can you please post the OS that you used?

    Using ONLY WS2801

  2. kwiattek

    kwiattek New Member

    Hi if this helps i am using raspberry pi model b+ (v1) and WS2801 with latest version of Libreelec 8.2.5 and latest version of Hyperion 1.03.3 working 100%
    I think is setup or config more than equipment issue. all versions of PI are compatible with Hyperion and WS2801. check your setup and config
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