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RPi + OpenELEC Dark Greys contain color from the previos picture

Discussion in 'Software Support' started by soulcrash, 3 January 2017.

  1. soulcrash

    soulcrash New Member

    Hi guys,

    my apa102 setup works brilliant so far, except one very annoying problem:
    When the picture changes from a bright color to a dark, grey scene, some leds tend to keep the color shift from the previos picture, instead of shifting to a neutral white.

    Ive made some RGB images to test the behavior and got a clear result:
    Switching from a White to a grey image -> all leds light up in a neutral white/grey.
    Switching from a 100% green image to grey -> leds get darker like they should but keep a heavy yellow tint.

    I does not matter if i activate backlight or not, it does not matter if i play around with white level, gamma, threshholds and so on. I have resettet everything to the standard hyperion settings - still the same.

    The captured image looks fine!

    i use a pi3 with apa102 stripes. Openelec 7.0 and the newest version of hyperion.

    I really have no more ideas, every help highly appreciated :)