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Fisheye Lens Grabber and Using Bezier Curves for LED Configuration

Discussion in 'Archive' started by The, 5 December 2019.

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  1. The

    The New Member

    ...breaking this off from another thread that got too technical for the other channel...

    Curious if any of the developer could chime on if this could theoretically work to pseudo-solve 4K hardware issue (more far below).


    Define "Theoretically Work"
    • LED colors approximate the screen edges to work with movies
    • Black bar detection would be a big plus, almost essential (most questionable in my mind)
    • Can manually or externally tweak the config.json to adjust the LED layout in curves
    • Built-in-to-TV smart streaming services would work.


    1. Kludgy hack! Yep.
    2. Won't work with changes in lighting! Watch TV in the dark.
    3. It could move! Duct tape.
    4. Hyperion UI doesn't work or save like that! Don't care too much if it loads my config.
    5. Live with HDR washout! Yeah, you're probably right.
    6. Spend the money on HDFury! Yeah, you're probably right.
    7. Wait until better 4K hardware support! Probably best course of action.
    1. Using hyperion with proper 4K support for HDR, HDR10, Dolby Vision is very pricey. Seemingly between $500 - $700 USD for HDFury hardware
    2. Just brought a 4K TV and Disc player
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  2. Ppn

    Ppn New Member

    Nice try, by HDR washout, you mean that the fish eye will not capture exactly what is displayed by the HDR TV so the led (colours) will be washed out ?
  3. The

    The New Member

    Re: "Nice try" : I just created a sample bit of code to curve the LED regions. I haven't persisted them to JSON yet. I was hoping the DEV team could let me know if its worth pursuing.

    Re: "Wash out" : Not exactly. The inexpensive 4K digitizer equipment doesn't render HDR content to the video stream properly. Colors lose their brightness and become closer to white/gray (like when you wash a bright colored shirt many times in the washing machine, the shirt loses its color) as I understand it. The camera wouldn't capture all the brightness of HDR, but it probably be better than the washed-out color the digitizer would produce.
  4. Andrew_xXx

    Andrew_xXx Software Developer

    If u ask me, the best way to support this is converting fish eye to normal rectangle surface, just like u would do with quadrilateral camera transform eg. from perspective.
    Hyperion would need to have a transform function to map any selected surface to a rectangle, in reality two options fish eye and quad, its the easiest way for the system, u dont need to change anything further as everything is already expecting rect.
    There is already an ambilight system that uses fish eye for the purpose https://www.ambivision.tv/ So it is a viable option.
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