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Forwarding only, no local LEDs: how?

Discussion in 'Hyperion General' started by Blue9, 31 December 2018.

  1. Blue9

    Blue9 New Member

    Trying to setup Hyperion on an oDroid C2 (Amlogic S905, Ubuntu 16, aarch64, Kodi v17) (compiled using the thread on the oDroid forums) with the intent of ONLY using forwarding (LEDs NOT attached to the oDroid) to a networked Raspberry Pi (Hyperion installed and tested successful with Kodi, SPI, & hardwired WS2801 LEDs).

    Unfortunately, when I try to run hyperiond with a "none" or "ws2801" device config, it throws the unknown/unimplemented error.
    "device" :
               "name"       : "oDroid",
               "type"       : "none",
               "output"     : "/dev/null",
               "rate"     : 1000000,
               "colorOrder" : "bgr"
    LEDDEVICE INFO: configuration:
            "colorOrder" : "bgr",
            "name" : "oDroid",
            "output" : "/dev/null",
            "rate" : 1000000,
            "type" : "none"
    LEDDEVICE ERROR: Unknown/Unimplemented device none
    Any help is appreciated.

    In the meantime, I'm going to attempt to compile the boblightd binaries on the oDroid to try the alternate of using the boblightServer on the Pi.
  2. penfold42

    penfold42 Active Member

    RPi1/Zero, RPi2, RPi3, 32/64bit, +Arduino, +nodeMCU/ESP8266
    Try type “file”
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  3. Blue9

    Blue9 New Member

    Thanks! That did it.

    Unfortunately, I'm now trying to resolve a more complex issue: despite compiling the oDroid C2 kernel to add in /dev/amvideocap0, it still won't grab the video data on Ubuntu v16.04. May just have to bite the bullet and switch to another image/build.