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RPi + OSMC Grab only when video playing from Kodi on Raspberry Pi

Discussion in 'Software Support' started by PaulWebster, 16 April 2018.

  1. PaulWebster

    PaulWebster New Member

    RPi1/Zero, RPi2, RPi3, +PhilipsHue
    Hyperion on Raspberry Pi does its grabbing using dispmanx / frame grabber - which means that it is running independently of Kodi.
    Is there a way (apart from me stopping/starting Hyperion) to send light updates only when a video is playing?
    I understand that the Kodi add-on does this by sending the light updates to Hyperion but that does not help on RPi.

    If there was a JSON function in Hyperion to Suspend/Resume Hyperion updates then this could be a way to do it - then Kodi add-on could send that (and skip sending light details on RPi).